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All You Need to Know About How to Stop Armpit Sweating

  • Drive away anything that induces bacteria:

Each one of us has a unique body and it reacts differently to bacteria determining the degree of stink. I recommend that you do away with all those habits that induce bacteria into your skin. If you didn’t catch it here’s what I mean. If you’re using a gel deodorant you might dip your finger or a cotton swab to apply it on the affected area. After an application you may dip again to apply it for the second time. By now your finger or the swab has already housed a million bacteria on your first application so when you dipped into the gel for the second time you have transported the bacteria from your armpits to the gel container. And they are likely to continue to grow in the pool of gel. So is the problem with roll on deodorants. Instead use a spraying type deodorant and don’t keep the deodorant very close to your armpits. Remember to wipe with a tissue the top part of the deo spray. If you’re using a body soap bar switch over to gel soaps for the same reason and fight against your sweat monster.

  • Apple vinegar magic:

Apple vinegar is a powerful anti-bacterial agent and helps to dry the sweat pores of the skin. You may shortly trim your underarms, dip a sterilized cotton swab into the vinegar solution and gently apply it on your underarms. It needs to dry on your underarms, so it is best advised to apply it before you go to bed. Since you are at rest you will sweat less at night ( not if your prone to night sweating) so you don’t have to bother about it getting washed off and with 8 hours of your sleep the solution has sufficient time to get absorbed into the apocrine sweat glands.

  • Wear natural fabrics:

What you wear may not be tolerable by your body. If you love yourself in short skimpy clothes (more specifically tops) it’s the first step towards stirring up your sweat monster. Tight clothes stick to your body cutting of the space available for air circulation. To combat your sweaty armpits spruce up your wardrobe with loose clothes made of natural fabrics. Natural fabrics are loosely woven and hence enable air circulation to keep you cool and sweat free. Fabrics like pure cotton, silk, wool can help to reduce sweating while artificial fabrics like polyester, rayon, nylon produce more heat and add to the mess.

Bitter Fact:

If you ever wondered what causes those dirty yellow stains under the arms on your neat white shirts well blame the apocrine sweat glands. These glands are present in the armpit region and the sweat they produce consists of fatty acids and proteins which make the sweat thicker and bestow it with the yellow hue. If you already have some shirts lying with these stains then simply washing them with borax combined with washing soda and return your white shirts to their sparkling state.


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