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Benefits of Aluminum Free Deodorant

Deodorant with aluminum:

Most of the time aluminum plays an essential ingredient in manufacturing a deodorant. Deodorant containing aluminum kills the bacteria (which causes bad odor) and it controls sweat. However, during this process the aluminum makes a short-term coat over sweat pores. This way it affects the natural mechanism of sweating in the body. Using of deodorant with aluminum can develop medical problems-affecting the lymph glands. Aluminum is absorbed in the cells of the body very easily and so, the body also tends to absorb the harmful compounds through deodorant.

Deodorant containing aluminum can be one of the causes of some harmful diseases such as-Breast cancer, kidney problems and Alzheimer’s disease.

Aluminum free deodorant:

Aluminum free deodorant has a natural way to control sweats. To prevent the body odor, the aluminum free deodorant neutralizes the bacteria (produces the body odor).  This type of deodorant does not affect the mechanism of sweating in the body. People who use aluminum free deodorant are not affected by health problems. Aluminum free deodorant causes fewer stains on the clothes. Those who want to purchase deodorant with no aluminum should just check on the ingredients of the deodorants like–minerals, alum, zirconium and aluminum. If these ingredients are found on the deodorants then do not purchase it.

Benefits of aluminum free deodorants:

  • Reduced risk of brain metabolic disorders: Deodorants which contains aluminum affects the neurons (creating neurological problems) as well because aluminum is absorbed in the body easily. Whereas, the use of aluminum free deodorant like-natural deodorant does not get absorb in the body and so, it reduces the risk of brain metabolic disorders.
  • Clear underarm pores: The use of aluminum deodorant in the underarm will block the sweat pores. This condition develops causing allergies to your skin. However, the deodorant which is aluminum free does not block the sweat pore as a result it clears up the underarm pores. This prevents the skin from allergies.
  •  Prevents breast cancer: Deodorant which consists of aluminum (contains harmful compounds) has a high risk for causing breast cancer. The usage of aluminum free deodorant reduces   the risk of breast cancer because it does not contain harmful compounds.
  • Odor protection: More than deodorants with aluminum, the deodorants which are made up of free aluminum such as- natural deodorants can reduce the body odor from sweating. The natural deodorant ingredients – Rose, lemon, citrus and oil are effective for the body odor.
  • Natural deodorants: Natural deodorant consists of toxic free chemicals like-aluminum and synthetic. This type of deodorants is available in many forms- crystals, sprays and roll-on.
  • Homemade aluminum free deodorant:  Use the following ingredients to make your own homemade aluminum  free deodorant-
    • Mix lavender and rosemary oil.
    • Then some corn starch and baking soda.

This way, it will help you to keep your underarm dry (off sweats), fresh and healthy.

Strong and reliable: Deodorants which are aluminum free like natural deodorants can last for all day and it kills the bacteria producing body odor.

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