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Cost of Laser Armpit Sweating Treatment

Excessive sweating under the armpits can not only stain your clothes but taint your image too. There are several remedies one can resort to reduce excessive sweating. Home remedies may take time to give noticeable results and as such may give temporary relief. If you’re looking for a comparatively long term solution laser treatment for excessive armpit sweating may be a good option. But before you settle down for one you may consider the laser armpit sweating treatment cost to ensure you don’t end up paying through your nose for the treatment.

Sweating treatments as such have varying costs depending on the overall skin condition and a few other factors.

Typically a laser armpit sweating treatment costs approximately $3000, the amount is subject to variation depending on the treatment area size. For those with moderate hyperhidrosis the cost involved may be lesser than those suffering with profuse hyperhidrosis. Although private clinic may charge up to $ 4400 including the consultation and the surgery cost.

Laser armpit sweating treatment does not assure 100% success rates and as such some clinics which offer laser treatment follow the policy of redoing the surgery and of course not at the initial price but comparatively at a lower price just sufficient to cover the costs of the equipment used thus make the treatment available at a minimal cost for the second visit in case the first failed to give satisfactory results.

However, upon laser operation if one faces the hyperhidrosis issue again (though it wasn’t there for the last 7 years post operation) this may not be treated as failure of treatment instead a fresh treatment is recommended and reasonable amounts are charged for the same.

For those of you living in the U.K. who may be considering a laser armpit sweating treatment it should cost around £3,500. However, the charges are subject to variation depending whether you’re considering the treatment at a private clinic, a cosmologist or at a regular hospital, your place of stay, the experience of the doctor performing the surgery, the extent of hyperhidrosis etc.

For those living the suburbs may have to shell out less compared to their counterparts living in the metropolitan cities, cosmologists or doctors at private clinics charge higher than the amounts charged at hospitals which offer laser treatment and if the doctor performing the surgery is highly experienced the success rate may be higher and hence the cost may be soaring above the normal charges. And most importantly the overall hyperhidrosis condition will determine the degree of treatment required and the corresponding cost involved.

In case the laser armpit treatment is availed in a hospital a day stay may be recommended which may add up to the cost of the treatment. Should the treatment fail or reoccur a subsequent treatment may be considered to address the issue again, adding up to the cost of the treatment. It is best advised to talk to your doctor about the expected outcome and the cost involved making sure you and your wallets stay happy.

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