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Deodorant without Aluminum

Deodorant with aluminum:

Using deodorant which contains aluminum can cause many medical problems in human beings. The body absorbs aluminum (contains harmful compounds) very easily and it affects the body severely causing- breast cancer and also affect the lymph glands. The regular use of this kind of deodorants can make a mark on the skin (armpits) and on the clothes as well. The deodorant containing aluminum blocks the sweat pores temporarily not allowing the body to perspire properly. This leads to increasing heat in the body temperature and toxins are not removed properly.

Deodorant without aluminum:

Deodorants without aluminum do not harm our body because it naturally regulates our body temperature. Some people who use deodorant containing aluminum suffer from skin rashes so to prevent from those rashes they opt for deodorant without aluminum like natural deodorants. Now, here is one of the most essential tips to find deodorant without aluminum-

  • Remember, the main function of the deodorant is to control sweats and reduce the odor. However, deodorant containing aluminum controls the odor for some hour and it just blocks the sweat pores instead. So, do check on the ingredients which are used for making deodorants. It should not contain-zirconium and alum (aluminum) etc. Natural deodorants do not contain such ingredients-harmful chemicals and it controls the body odor for a longer duration. Do check for natural ingredients before buying any deodorant.

Benefits of deodorant without aluminum:

  • Crystal rock: Deodorant without aluminum is safe such as crystal rock (natural deodorant).  Natural deodorants do not contain any harmful chemicals which causes skin rashes and irritation. Those who have sensitive skin, people suffering from breast cancer and children experiencing body odor are advised by their doctors to use natural deodorants.
  • Effective: Deodorant without aluminum is very effective in controlling body odor. Natural deodorants like- tea tree oil which contains antibacterial compounds reduces body odor by killing the bacteria.
  • Recyclable packaging: The metals (packaging) which are used to manufacture the deodorant (containing aluminum) are non-recyclable. Whereas, the packaging which is used for natural deodorant or deodorant without aluminum are recyclable and eco-friendly.
  • Affordable: Crystal deodorants are affordable and it has eco-friendly packaging which last for 6 months comparing to other deodorant (last for 1 or 2 months) that are not eco-friendly.
  • No chemicals:  Deodorant without aluminum, mostly the natural deodorants consists of natural ingredients and no chemicals. The deodorants which contains harmful chemicals such as propel chemical (aerosol canisters) are exposed to the environment when it is used. The main problem occurs while taking a shower, the chemical residue of deodorant that we used, flows down from our skin and collects into the marine environment. This affects the environment severely. However, deodorant without aluminum contains natural ingredients so it does not harm our body neither it affects the environment.

There are many chemicals which the ingredients for deodorant with aluminum and affects our health, two names are mentioned below –

  • Aluminum Chlorohydrate: Aluminum chloride is one of the harmful ingredients in deodorant. This type of chemical blocks the sweat pores underneath the armpits. Aluminum Chlorohydrate is also responsible for water pollution and it can affect the ecosystem badly.

Triclosan: Triclosan is as antimicrobial agent which is used in making many cosmetics. The other chemicals which are harmful to us and our environment are-formaldehyde, diethanolamine and parabens. Therefore, choosing deodorant without aluminum like natural deodorant is a better choice to save you from harmful chemicals and saving our environment too.

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