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How to Prevent Sweaty Armpits

Excessive sweating in the armpits is medically termed as auxiliary hyperhidrosis. There could be various factors leading to excessive sweating in the armpits like:

  • Tight clothing
  • High temperature
  • Exhaustion after rigorous physical exercise
  • Sign of an infection
  • Symptom of an ailment or hormonal imbalance

Here’s what you need to know on how to prevent sweaty armpits with daily care:

  • Keeping yourself hygienic is of at most importance. In case of auxiliary hyperhidrosis, use an anti-bacterial soap to wash your underarms.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes as they prevent free air circulation causing the sweat to combine with the bacteria on the skin to emit foul odor.
  • Avoid wearing used clothes especially if you have perspired previously on them.
  • Avoid wearing artificial fabrics like those of nylon, rayon, polyester etc. as these fabrics are tightly woven and hence obstruct free circulation of air. Opt for natural fabrics like those of pure cotton, silk, linen, wool etc. as they are loosely woven and help to keep your skin breathable.
  • Watch out for what you eat as onions, garlic, chilies, stimulate excessive sweating. Also the caffeine content in coffee and the empty calories present in alcohol triggers off sweat. Avoid them to control auxiliary hyperhidrosis.
  • If you can’t avoid drinking coffee replace it with sage tea. Simply boil water with some sage leaves strain the water and gulp it. The tannic content of this tea is known to reduce overall perspiration in the body. If you find the taste insipid add a tsp of honey. If you still hate the taste then drop a sage tea bag in a bowl of warm water. Soak a neat white cloth in this water and wipe your underarms and massage it gently to allow the sweat pores to absorb the water.
  • Or if you want to try something simpler just cut a fresh lime and squeeze the juice on your underarms. While you lie down you can ask someone to squeeze it in the affected area. Your sweat will evaporate almost instantly and lick up the foul odor too. But remember to trim your underarm hair really short before you do any topical application. This is essential as long hair can nestle a million bacteria. Also on the contrary don’t apply them on shaved underarms for about 2 days as it can cause irritation of the underarm skin which is very sensitive.
  • Taking cold showers can help you drive off the sweat to keep you dry and fresh.
  • If you’re sweating on account of anxiety then get to the root cause and treat it.
  • If you’re a hard core sweater then always carry a strong anti perspirant. Medical anti-perspirants are preferred over commercially available ones and deodorants as the latter only help to mask the body odor. Prescription strength anti-perspirants like Drysol contains about 20% aluminum chloride which tentatively controls the sweat pores to produce less sweat and combats the bacteria to leave you fresh and odor free.


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