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How to Remove Armpit Hair – This Effectively Reduces Bacteria Build Up

Underarm hair can be really annoying as well as embarrassing especially when you have to wear sleeveless clothes during summer. Smooth looking and feeling underarms are essential part of look for almost all women. Moreover, this pitted armpit area is prone to perspire a lot in all the seasons encouraging smelly strong armpit odor.

Other than for appearance most of the people both men and women opt for removing armpit hair for better hygiene and controlled sweat inducing body odor. Removing armpit hair makes you less prone to underarm perspiration and bacteria build up, which often leads to unpleasant armpit odor. However, getting smooth underarms can be tough especially when your hair is thick and spiky and grows fast.

There are several ways on how to remove armpit hair- this effectively reduces bacteria build up. Yes, growing armpit hair encourages bacterial activity on sweat thus, encouraging more odors. Crowded underarm hairs facilitate more sweat production in these depth regions and causes stronger odors.

One can opt for different natural, safe and effective methods on how to remove armpit hair- this effectively reduces bacteria build up. You can choose any methods of armpit hair removal according to your skin tolerance as some removal methods may not be suitable for your skin.

Some of the methods on how to remove armpit hair- this effectively reduces bacteria build up removes armpit hair temporary while some others are meant for permanent hair removal. Again some methods are simple, easy and cheap and others can be costly. So, you can choose the type of removal method depending on your skin condition, tolerability, cost as well as effectiveness. If one method doesn’t work well with your skin, you can go for other methods too. This will allow you to evaluate which method is best for you.

Two methods on how to remove armpit hair-


Shaving is the easiest and the cheapest methods to remove underarm hairs effectively. However, incorrect shaving methods can lead to skin irritation, razor burns and red bumps. Therefore, always use correct and good shaving products and follow correct shaving technique. Use good gel or foams without these your underarm skin will get razor burns. The main advantage of shaving is it is cost effective, fast and easy to do. But shaving tends to make your armpit hairs hard with each shave and this causes irritation and pinching. Moreover, you have to repeat shaving method after 2 to 3 days or otherwise ingrown hairs will start to irritate you.


Waxing is another method on how to remove armpit hair- this effectively reduces bacteria build up. Waxing is common among both men and women and one can do waxing not only for armpits, it can also appropriate for removing leg, chest, hand and eyebrow hairs. Waxing make use of heated wax which is applied on the skin area to be waxed. A thin cloth or paper strip is then pressed over the waxed skin and shredded off against the direction of hair growth suddenly and quickly. The main advantage of waxing is it takes more time for hairs to grow back but it is a painful method for most of the individuals.

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