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What is underarm sweating?

Underarm sweating is common in most of the people. This type of sweating begins at the teenage years and during this period the sweating is profuse for 2 to 3 months. As the time passes, underarm sweating decreases and goes back to the normal level. However, some people suffer from profuse underarm sweating and they experience irritating problems-stains of sweat on their clothes and bad odor. The glands which produce sweat in the underarms are termed as apocrine glands.

Causes of underarm sweating:

  • Exercise and heat: Performing exercises in the hot environment will heat up the body temperature causing sweat in the body. Under this sweating process, the sympathetic nervous system stimulates the apocrine gland (sweat glands of the underarm) and this causes underarm sweating.
  • Emotional Stress and anxiety: People suffering from stress and anxiety experience sweating. Emotional stress releases the epinephrine hormone (adrenaline) which stimulates the apocrine glands. This causes underarm sweating.
  • Hyperhidrosis: Excessive sweating is medically termed as hyperhidrosis. There are types of hyperhidrosis which causes sweating in the underarms. Primary hyperhidrosis is one of the hyperhidrosis, in which the sweat is usually formed in the localized parts of the body like-hands, feet and underarms. Another, one is the secondary hyperhidrosis, in which the whole body starts to sweat profusely.
  • Hormone imbalances: Hormone imbalances can cause underarms sweating. Menopause (imbalance in estrogen level) in women and Andropause (imbalance in testosterone level) in men causes excessive sweating in the whole body (including the underarms).The over activeness of thyroid hormone-hyperthyroidism can also cause underarms sweating.

What are underarms sweat pads?

Underarms sweat pads are used by most of the people. They are used to control underarms sweating and to prevent stains of the sweat on the clothes. Underarm sweat pads are designed to soak up the underarms sweat and save yourself from embarrassing situation like -people noticing your sweats on you shirts.

Types of underarms sweat pads:

  • Disposal underarm sweat pads: Disposal sweat pads prevent your cloth from underarm sweating. These types of underarm sweat pads controls the wetness (which is caused by sweating) and it reduces the stinky body odor. Disposal sweat pads are hypo allergenic (environmental friendly) and they should be disposed after use. This sweat pad is affordable.
  • Washable underarm sweat pads: Washable underarm sweat pads absorb sweat and controls body odor as it made of a moisture wicking fabric. This type of underarm sweat pad is affordable and washable. So, washable underarm sweat pads can be used again and again.

Hence, there are other underarm sweat pads which can be used for a long time. Those sweat pads are more dependable for preventing stains on the clothes. These types of underarm sweat pads are less noticeable. However, there are some down side of sweat pads which is-Underarm sweat pads should not be used every day. The daily use of sweat pads can  leave white mark on your skin.

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