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Even though there are numbers of top sweaty hands treatments available today one should examine the real or exact cause of sweaty hands before taking up any treatments. However, the exact cause of palmar hyperhidrosis is unknown, often sweaty hands are known to be triggered by emotional stress, anxiety, nervousness and hypertension. In such case, stress management will help in treating sweaty hands.

Sometimes palmar hyperhidrosis may be due to some other health conditions and even medications too.

Top sweaty hands treatments-

  • Antiperspirants- Topical applications such as antiperspirants are among the most preferred products used by sweaty hands sufferers. They are good in treating mild to moderate palm sweating while antiperspirants may not be effective in curing severe sweaty hands. Antiperspirants such as drysol and those with aluminum free hand sprays are effective in treating sweaty hands. They also keep your fresh and dry as well. Other than topical applications, hand wipes with certain chemicals can also be used to wipe off excess sweats from the palms. You can carry these chemical wipes in your bag whenever you go out.
  • Oral medications- Oral medications are available to treat excessive sweating but they are not good on all types of hyperhidrosis. Oral medications include drysol and other anticholinergic medicines. Anticholinergics stops sweat glands stimulation to stop sweating. But they can cause a number of side-effects such as dry mouth, blurred vision, impaired taste, heart palpitations, constipation and urinary retention.
  • Iontopheresis- one of the top sweaty hands treatment procedures is Iontopheresis which involves the use of water and mild electrical current to block the sweat glands. This involves placing or immersing the hands in shallow trays filled with electrolyte water and passing mild electrical current into the water and the plates. The plates and water together work to thicken the outer skin layer, thus blocking the sweat producing glands in your palms to produce sweats. Iontopheresis treatment is the safest and one of the effective methods to treat sweaty hands. Hands dryness can be noticed after 5 to 9 treatments and this can last up to several weeks.
  • Botox injection- Botox is a toxin derived from botulinum species which is effectively used to inject into the skin to block the sweat glands. Botox is mostly used for treating armpit sweating but hands sweating can also be treated with Botox. Botox when injected blocks the neurotransmitter acetylcholine from the nerves that signals the sweat glands to produce sweats. But Botox can cause side-effects such as bruises, numbing of fingers and hand muscle weakness.

ETS surgery- The last top sweaty hands treatments option is ETS surgery or sympathectomy. It involves the removal of sympathetic ganglion from the thoracic region. But, ETS is known for hosting many side-effects such as reflex sweating (sweating in other parts of the body after surgery) and gustatory sweating (sweating on eating spicy foods). Other than these, there are many more side-effects associated with ETS surgery therefore; it is not an ideal treatment for sweaty hands.


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Can You Cure Sweaty Hands Without Resorting to Surgery? http://www.sweatology.net/sweaty-hands/can-you-cure-sweaty-hands-without-resorting-to-surgery/ http://www.sweatology.net/sweaty-hands/can-you-cure-sweaty-hands-without-resorting-to-surgery/#comments Fri, 19 Oct 2012 14:40:12 +0000 admin http://www.sweatology.net/?p=309 Though sweating is a normal body’s mechanism to reduce body’s heat and to cool down there are some individuals who actually sweat a lot more than normal. Excessive sweating also known as hyperhidrosis is a medical condition where an individual perspires excessively than others. Excessive hand or palm sweating is called as palmar hyperhidrosis. Palmer hyperhidrosis can be primary or secondary. Primary palmar hyperhidrosis may start during early adolescent and secondary sweating may start during later stage of life due to some medical conditions such as diabetes.

Most of the individuals may ask can you cure sweaty hands without restoring to surgery. Well, the answer is yes. In fact surgery is considered as the last option for treating sweaty hands because of its controversial and proven side-effects. There are many natural and home remedies to treat sweaty hands effectively.

Can you cure sweaty hands without restoring to surgery?

This question is very common among individuals who suffer from palmar hyperhidrosis. Even though hand sweating is not life-threatening, it can be distressing. Some of the curative methods for sweaty hands are discussed below-

  • Iontopheresis- This involves the use of water and electrical current to conduct slight electrical current to pass through the hands. When you place your hands in a tray full with water, electricity is passed into the metal plates and the water. It works to shock the sweat glands and block the pores thereby, stopping sweat production. Iontopheresis is the best therapy on can you cure sweaty hands without restoring to surgery.
  • Black tea bag treatment- Black tea contains certain antiperspirant properties called as tannic acid. Boil 1 quarter of water in a pan and pour this hot boiled water over the regular black tea bags (4 to 5) in a bowl. Steep the tea bags for 5 to 10 minutes. Cool the mixture. Then soak your hands (feet can also be soak) in steeped tea bags solution for 20 to 30 minutes, remove and dry. Tea treatment works to stop or reduce sweaty hands by clogging the sweat pores that causes sweat. It is effective treatment but provides only temporary sweat relief. You can repeat this process daily at night for a week depending on the extent of the condition.
  • Epsom salts- Combine spoons of Epsom salt with hot water (tolerable) and use your hands to soak in it for 30 minutes every night. This is another method on can you cure sweaty hands without restoring to surgery.
  • Dust your hands- You can dust some alum powder over the sweaty palms as soon as you wake up in the morning to eliminate sweat throughout the day. Alum works by blocking the pores thus, preventing excessive hand sweating. A mild talcum powder or cornstarch can also be dust over the palms too to eliminate sweat.
  • Boric acid- You can sprinkle few ounces of boric acid into hand cotton gloves and put on the gloves for 48-72 hours. Later remove the gloves and wash the hands thoroughly with soap and water. This treatment is effective in treating severe sweaty hands.
  • Antiperspirant- Use a thin coat of antiperspirant (containing aluminum chloride) to the palms before going to bed at night. Repeat this process every night it will prevent sweaty hands.
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Why Are My Hands Always Sweaty? http://www.sweatology.net/sweaty-hands/why-are-my-hands-always-sweaty/ http://www.sweatology.net/sweaty-hands/why-are-my-hands-always-sweaty/#comments Sat, 09 Jun 2012 07:49:55 +0000 admin http://www.sweatology.net/?p=220 What are Sweaty hands?

The medical term for sweaty hands is Palmar Hyperhidrosis. The excessive sweating which usually occurs in the hands is referred as sweaty hands or palmar hyperhidrosis. Sweaty hands can be accompanied by excessive sweating on the underarms, face and feet.

Symptoms of sweaty hands:

  • Peeling of the skin can be found in profusely sweaty hands.
  • Sweaty hands can be differed from mild condition to severe sweating of hands.
  • Dryness of hands due to excessive sweaty hands (palms).
  • Temperature differences between the other areas of the body and the surface of the hand (palms).

Causes for sweaty hands:

  • Undiagnosed food: Undiagnosed foods such as-dairy, gluten and wheat can cause sweaty hands.
  • Thyroid problem: People who are suffering from thyroid problem-hyperthyroidism experiences heart palpitations, anxiety and sweaty hands.
  • Deficiencies in vitamin and minerals: People who usually consume junk food (containing preservatives and fast food) tend to suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies. These types of deficiencies will cause sweaty hands. The other common deficiencies are-zinc deficiency, calcium deficiency and vitamin D deficiency.
  • Lymphatic congestion: In every day to day life, we are affected by toxins through the food, water and air. When the toxins affect our body, then our body starts to react by releasing sweats. This also leads to sweaty hands.
  • Primary Palmar hyperhidrosis: In Primary Palmar hyperhidrosis, the profuse sweat affects a localized part of the body such as-hands, feet and underarms. This type of hyperhidrosis is caused due to sympathetic nervous system performing over activity (anger and fear).
  • Secondary Palmar hyperhidrosis: Secondary Palmar hyperhidrosis causes sweaty hand due some of the following  medical disorders-
  • Peripheral autonomic neuropathy (neurological disorder).
  • Infections such as tuberculosis and AIDS (HIV virus).
  • Glomus tumor.
  • Frostbite.
  • Complex regional pain syndrome.
  • Acromegaly.
  • Primary hypertrophic osteoarthropathy.
  • Dyskeratosis congenita.

Remedies for sweaty hands:

  • Apple cider vinegar: Mix apple cider vinegar with water and soak your hands in that solution before going to bed. This will control sweaty hands.
  • Zinc: Consuming food which contains zinc will help in preventing sweaty hands. These foods are-roasted pumpkin seeds, lamb, peanuts, sesame tahini and veal oil.
  • Sage tea: Sage tea contains tannic acid which controls sweats. Soaking hands in sage tea for 30 minutes will prevent your hands from sweating.
  • Milk thistle: If consuming processed food is the cause of your sweaty hands then try drinking the milk thistle. This way you can control hands from sweating.
  • Lotion: Using natural or organic lotion can be a great help to prevent your sweaty hands as well as you body.
  • Avoid stress: Stress also causes sweaty hands so to avoid stress you need to calm yourself down. Like by doing meditation and yoga you can control sweaty hands.

Avoid spicy food: Cut down your eating habits which include spicy food items and beverages (containing caffeine) like coffee and alcohol as well. This way you can protect your hands from sweating.

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How to get rid of Sweaty Hands Naturally? http://www.sweatology.net/sweaty-hands/how-to-get-rid-of-sweaty-hands-naturally/ http://www.sweatology.net/sweaty-hands/how-to-get-rid-of-sweaty-hands-naturally/#comments Sat, 09 Jun 2012 05:10:56 +0000 admin http://www.sweatology.net/?p=161 Sweaty hands or palms are called as Palmer hyperhidrosis. Excessive sweating of the palms can lead to certain infections such as fungal infections, bacterial infections and irritation of the skin. Sweaty hands can create lots of problems in a person. It can interfere with the normal life of the people. Person with excessive sweaty palms can lose their confidence and this can affect him socially as well as professionally.

Palmer hyperhidrosis is usually triggered by anxiety, stress, nervousness and depressions. It can also be a hereditary problem. Some other causes for palmer hyperhidrosis may be menopause, hyperthyroidism, obesity, neurological disorders and emotional tensions.

We will take a look on some of the natural remedies on how to get rid of sweaty hands. These remedies are safe and effective in reducing sweaty hands and palms.

Getting rid of sweaty hands naturally!

  • Use talcum powder instead of hand lotion:

Hand lotions and creams can cause the sweat glands to release more sweat. Therefore, use a baby talcum powder or cornstarch instead of a hand lotion in order to reduce sweaty hands. In case you use a lotion, it should be a thick hand lotion so as to block the sweat the sweats.

  • Apple cider vinegar solutions:

Make a solution of apple cider vinegar and water and used it for soaking your hands regularly at night. It is a natural drying reagent and helps to dry sweaty hands instantly.

  • Tomato juices:

Have fresh tomato juice everyday as tomato helps to keep the body temperature cool. This can help in reducing sweaty hands.

  • Keep hanky and wipes:

Always carry a cotton quick absorbent handkerchief or cloth to wipe your palms. You can also carry some alcohol wipes in your bag to relieve sweaty hands.

  • Load your diet with foods rich in zinc:

Zinc helps in reducing body odor caused by sweating. Therefore, make sure that your diet contains foods rich in zinc. The best sources of zinc are lamb, peanuts, pumpkin seeds (roasted), dark chocolates (organic), oysters, sesame and veal liver.

  • Ban on foods that triggers sweating:

Foods such as onion, hot spices (peppers), garlic and drinks such as alcohol, coffee and tobacco smoking should be ban as they triggers the sweat glands to produce more sweats on the palms.

  •  Control your stress:

The best way to prevent palmer hyperhidrosis is to manage your stress and anxiety. Since these are the factors that triggers sweaty hands, therefore learn to control these emotions. Stress and anxiety can be relieved by practicing yoga, meditations, biofeedback and breathing exercises.

  • Soak hands in sage tea:

Sage tea is excellent way to get rid of sweaty hands. You should soak your hands daily in sage tea for about 30 minutes before going to bed. You can also take a cup of this tea everyday to reduce sweaty palms as well.

  • Take milk thistle:

Milk thistle is a natural herb that helps in detoxifying of the toxins. Have a milk thistle tea to control sweaty hands. You can also take milk thistle supplements in the form of capsules.

  • Iontopheresis:

It is an effective method to treat sweaty hands. It makes use of electric current and water to block the sweat glands. Prolonged used can help to cure sweaty hands permanently.

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How to Stop Sweaty Hands http://www.sweatology.net/sweaty-hands/how-to-stop-sweaty-hands/ http://www.sweatology.net/sweaty-hands/how-to-stop-sweaty-hands/#comments Tue, 29 May 2012 09:54:35 +0000 admin http://www.sweatology.net/?p=91 It is said that a firm handshake indicates a versatile and pleasing personality. But your sweaty hands may be the reason to pull yourself back from shaking those million hands out there.  Imagine yourself with dry soft hands and oozing confidence while you greet your colleagues and clients. Wouldn’t you feel smarter and happier? YES I can hear you say BINGO. Banish all your worries about sweaty palms and look at these tips on how to stop sweaty hands.

  • Drysol: It is a powerful anti perspirant that is very effective in eliminating sweat formation on the palms. Owing to its ingenious strong nature it’s available as a prescribed drug only. So request your dermatologist to write out one for you and simply get a pack of it and apply it on clean palms before going to bed. But a word of caution since it’s really strong don’t use it continuously instead limit it to twice  a week with a gap and reap its medical benefits without causing any irritation or stinging.
  • Baking Soda does the magic: This  humble ingredient that aids in puffing up your yummy cakes and pastries will also help you with dry soft hands. Now take a wide plastic bowl ( metallic bowls to be avoided as the metal might react with baking soda) with water add to it a generous pinch of baking soda and stir it nicely to form a cloud. Simply dip your clean palms into it for about 1/4 hour and notice the difference. The abracadabra behind this magic is simple science. As you know baking soda contains alkalis, where as your sweat is on the acidic side. When the 2 combine your sweat  vaporizes leaving your palms dry. Do it for a few days consistently and soon your sweaty hands will be a thing of the past.
  • If your happy and you know clap your hands with talcum or cornstarch powder to soak up the excess moisture leaving your hands dry and fresh.
  • Alternatively you could use an aluminum chloride based antiperspirant  specifically made for wet palms.
  • Do the trick with boric acid: If you have some boric acid to drive away your pests you can also very well use them for driving away the excess sweat in your hands. Simply dust some boric acid into a pair of neat white cotton gloves and wear them for about 2 days ( obviously you could remove them while bathing). On the 3rd morning remove the gloves and thoroughly wash your palms using warm water and soap. Then dry your hands using a clean towel. There is clinical evidence to indicate that this treatment is very effective in treating cases of profuse sweating. You could replace the gloves with socks to treat your sweaty soles.
  • Alternatively if you don’t have boric acid you can do the trick with alum powder as well. Alum is known to posses the ability to block sweat pores and reduce excess sweating. If you’re a case of severe hyperhidrosis then repeat the trick often.
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How to Stop Hands from Sweating http://www.sweatology.net/sweaty-hands/how-to-stop-hands-from-sweating/ http://www.sweatology.net/sweaty-hands/how-to-stop-hands-from-sweating/#comments Mon, 28 May 2012 07:54:34 +0000 admin http://www.sweatology.net/?p=85 Well I hear people say that when your hands sweat they make the palm itchy and the itchiness is an indication of getting some BIG bucks. Well if it didn’t work for you, get rid of the sweat to stay dry and fresh.

Here’s an insight to how to stop hands from sweating using simple remedies.

  • Every time you notice your palms perspiring just dust some cornstarch powder, it will almost instantly soak up the sweat and keep your palms fresh. You could also use the commercially available talc. The ones with flavor can soak up the sweat leaving behind a fresh fragrance. But be cautious sometimes using powders can worsen the situation if your skin is allergic to the chemical components of the talc. Stop and switch over to some other method or look for a dermatologist.
  • A clean handkerchief might be the thing you’re looking for when your palms are soaking up papers and files you touch. You can also use alcohol wipes for convenience in case you don’t want to pile up hankies that need to be thoroughly washed before you use them again.
  • Stay away from sweat triggers like spicy food, booze, garlic, onions, coffee etc.
  • Apple cider vinegar is known to be the best home remedy for treating sweating hands. Just dip your hands in apple cider vinegar solution for about 30 min and then wash your hands thoroughly with soap and notice the difference.
  • Another effective measure to stop hands from sweating especially the palms is to use boric acid powder. You may have some with you for driving away pests in your garden. Get hold of a pair of neat white gloves and sprinkle some boric acid powder into it and wear them on for about 2 days removing them when necessary. On the 3 rd day take them off and wash your hand in warm water using an anti bacterial soap. Boric acid is very effective in soaking up sweat. You could replace boric acid powder with alum powder though these methods give only short relief from the menacing sweat.
  • You can make use of oral medications to drive away the sweat of your hands. Since most of them are not available as over the counter drugs you may need a medical prescription to purchase them. But the effort may be worth it. If you feel your psychological stress is the reason for excessive sweating then consult a doctor and ask for anti-depressants.
  • If you’re tired of your soppy hands then you could avail some long term treatment like the Iontophoresis, endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy and botox injections.

Iontophoresis: It involves sending electric impulses to the involved areas by keeping your hands dipped in water for about 15-20 min. About 4 to 5 sessions should be good enough for you to notice the change. But remember this method should not be resorted by pregnant women and heart patients.

Botox Treatment: In this treatment about 50 units of botox, a muscle poison is injected in different spots on the palm which effectively block the neurotransmitters that stimulate sweat production. This is known to give you relief from sweat for about 5 – 6 months.

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How to Prevent Sweaty Hands http://www.sweatology.net/sweaty-hands/how-to-prevent-sweaty-hands/ http://www.sweatology.net/sweaty-hands/how-to-prevent-sweaty-hands/#comments Mon, 28 May 2012 07:53:35 +0000 admin http://www.sweatology.net/?p=83 Did you say that glass vase slipped from your sweaty hands or even worse your kids hate holding your hands because of the sweat? Well the sweat monster can be embarrassingly enough to disrupt your social life. So read through this article and become well versed with tips on how to prevent sweaty hands to drive out the wet in your sweat.

  • Wash your hands off if they are sticky and sweaty. And if you experience the sweat monster everyday then make it a habit to carry some neat handkerchiefs wherever you go. You may also use those commercially available alcohol wipes for convenience.
  • Dust some cornstarch powder or talcum powder on your palms to soak up the moisture. Flavored talcum powders besides licking up the sweat they also leave behind a pleasant fragrance. Mint flavored talcs leave a cooling effect on the applied area. So grab one today. But in case the condition worsens upon using them, switch over to another remedy or visit a dermatologist.
  • If you have some alum powder or boric acid powder (commonly used to drive out pests) then sprinkle some in a pair of neat white gloves and wear them for a day or 2. The powder inside will soak up the sweat and keep the skin dry. Remove the gloves on the third day and wash it thoroughly with an anti bacterial soap and feel the difference in your palms.
  • Give up on your coffee addiction and switch over to herbal saga tea. The tannic content in this tea is known to reduce the overall perspiration rate. It may be tasteless so you may add some honey to it and gulp it down your throat. If you still can’t take it in then resort to the soaking technique. Boil some water and add 2 tea bags to it and let it seep in for about 20 min. Then discard the tea bags and check if the heat is bearable, enough to dip your hands for a while and do so for about half an hour. You can use the soaking method similarly for your feet too. But remember to dry them thoroughly before you put on your footwear.
  • If you don’t have saga tea bags add some apple cider vinegar to warm water and soak your hands in it for about half an hour.  Unlike the saga tea method you need to wash your hands thoroughly with an antibacterial soap or gel if you’re using the vinegar solution as a soak up. Consistently doing it for a few days helps to reduce the sweating of palms.
  • In case using home remedies is not giving you successful results then try some over the counter drugs and antiperspirants.
  • In case your sweating is due to psychological anxiety get to the root to solve it as medicines may not turn out to be effective.
  • If it still persists then check with a dermatologist and avail any of the long term treatments of hyperhidrosis.


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