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Can Anxiety Cause Excessive Sweating and Chills? Can it be treated?

Anxiety is a common emotional disorder where a person has a sudden fear or apprehension of something. It is experienced by everyone in some stage of their lives.  Anxiety is also called as panic attacks. Panic attacks can occur suddenly without any warning. People who experience this attack develop rational or irrational fear. They feel like they are dying or their heart is pumping rapidly.

Anxiety attacks can be serious depending on the degree of its attack. A person may start feeling fatigue, dizziness and may shiver or tremble naturally. Overall people lose control on their body. Anxiety can result in excessive sweating and chills.

A person with anxiety attack may feel a sudden intense hot feeling (hot flashes) all over the body and after sometime may be left with extreme chills or cold sweats.

Most of the people may ask can anxiety cause excessive sweating and chills.  Can it be treated? Yes. Anxiety induced excessive sweating is very common. In fact anxiety triggers excessive sweating in people. When a person is in a state of anxiety, the sweat glands are triggered to produce more sweats on to the skin.

Therefore the best way to treat anxiety is to learn to control anxiety. If you learn to manage your anxiety then automatically you will sweat less.

Anxiety can trigger hyperhidrosis:

Do you know that anxiety can trigger hyperhidrosis? Anxiety and other emotional related stress and depressions can trigger excessive sweating. But anxiety is the master of all. When you are going to give a speech or presentation in front of the audience, it is the anxiety that can make you lose control on yourself. You start to tremble and nervousness becomes visible when you sweat excessively.

How to overcome anxiety?

Anxiety can be overcome by proper managing techniques and medications.  Anxiety is the root of excessive sweating. Therefore, it is important to cure anxiety first. Some of the following are effective in treating anxiety disorders.



Beta- blockers are drugs that are used to block the beta receptors- adrenergic receptors in the brain. Anxiety can cause elevated levels of epinephrine and norepinephrine. This beta-blocker medicine blocks the receptors and helps in decreasing anxiety and other emotional reactions such as stress and fear. Physical symptoms associated with anxiety such as trembling, breathing problems and heart palpitations is treated with beta-blockers.


Prescribed anti depressants are used to treat anxiety in people. Antidepressants such as Prozac are effective in treating anxiety with excessive sweating and chills. Hyperhidrosis triggered by anxiety can be well control with antidepressants.



Hypnotherapy is very effective in treating anxiety with excessive sweating problems. A hypnotherapist will use subconscious mind of the patient to release all his fears, panics, anxieties and negative emotions. It helps the person to believe that it is safe and secure to free all the anxiety and fears.

Relaxation techniques:

Relaxation technique such as meditation and breathing techniques are excellent to improve the focus of the patient. Yoga offers breathing and relaxation exercises. Practice yoga regularly to improve your mental health. It will help you to stay calm and get rid of anxiety producing stress. Yoga is helpful in keeping sound body and mind.

Identify the cause of your anxiety and work on it. Increase your self-confidence and be optimistic. The best way to prevent excessive sweating is to avoid anxiety and stress. Try to control your emotional attacks and then you will eventually have control on your emotions.

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