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Excessive Sweating Causes

Sweating indicates that your body is doing right to keep you cool, but when it occurs beyond what is considered normal and in inappropriate circumstances it is medically termed as hyperhidrosis.

Here are a few causes of excessive sweating:

Emotional Imbalances:

If your mentally ill you could simply sweat profusely even in cold temperatures. Let’s take an example of a person suffering from an anxiety related disorder; he may often have panic attacks accompanied with profuse sweating or if you’re severely stressed out for prolonged periods apart from other health disorders you acquire you may be sweating unusually more. Over the counter medications are available to treat depression, stress, anxiety etc which could control sweating too considerably.


Excessive sweating may be treated as a symptom of the onset of diabetes, cardio-related or respiratory related diseases, Parkinson’s diseases, cancers like leukemia, tuberculosis etc. So if you find yourself soaking up in sweat severely which isn’t on account of climatic conditions or physical activity or any of the above mentioned emotional imbalances it is ideal to visit a doctor to find out the cause. If excessive sweating is ignored the condition (may be one of the diseases mentioned above) which is showing up through sweating may worsen.

Hormonal imbalances:

Hormonal changes subsequently result in abnormal levels of sweating. Consider the example of pregnant women. During pregnancy there are several levels of hormonal changes as a result of increased blood flow, weight gain etc. which could cause excessive sweating. This is the reason why pregnant women are asked to wear cooler clothing like that of pure cotton, drink lots of water and to stay in cool temperatures.

If you look at women nearing their menopause notice how they sweat profusely causing flushed skin. This may be attributed to the decrease levels of estrogen production.

And those suffering from hyperthyroidism share the same condition of excessive sweating. Under hyperthyroidism excess thyroid hormones are secreted by the thyroid glands leading to increase in metabolic rate which further leads to increased heat production giving rise to excessive sweating.

Consumption of certain drugs:

Certain medications which include both prescribed and over the counter drugs leave you sweating excessively as a possible side effect. So if you’re being treated for an ailment with prescribed drugs the excessive sweating conditions needs to be communicated to the doctor treating the ailment to confirm if it’s a side effect of the medicines your taking. Upon confirmation if you still need to continue with medicines the doctor may prescribe alternatives or change the dosage of the current drug.


If you’re obese, then besides having to bear with your heavy self you might be complaining of profuse sweating. Note the fact that in order to carry your heavy weight your body has to simply dispel more energy for functioning normally. Dispelling extra energy can be associated with extra sweating. Don’t let your weight become a cause of embarrassment and discomfort on account of the extra sweat you perspire.

Some routine exercise, a healthy diet, wearing loose clothes, drinking lots of water etc not only will make you look smarter but will make excessive sweating a thing of the past.

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