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How to Sweat Less

Sweating is an indication that  the body is putting all the organs to task to keep you right. But if you find yourself in a pool of sweat then that extra sweat might become a matter of concern. While you’re busy googling for tips on how to sweat less here’s an easy one:

  • If your leaving behind foot prints on the floor this is no pride. You need to consider ways to sweat less on your feet to avoid those comments and giggles. Here’s a herbal remedy to help you. Add  some fresh rosemary mint leaves in a liter of boiling water. Cool it to a warm temperature and discard the leaves. Add the juice of 2 lemons and stir it well before you bath your feet using this liquid. Now walk with pride while your feet breath fresh all day long.
  • It is often said that what you eat is what you are. If you were to believe in this fact make some changes to your diet to include foods rich in silicon which helps in regulating sweat production. Almonds, grapes, strawberries etc are said to be packed with this essential mineral.
  • Another supplement which needs to be on your diet is that of zinc. In order to make your sweat glands work less, gulp in a glass of milk with a zinc supplement and feel the difference. However, remember to check with your doctor before you pick up a supplement to make sure it does not have any side effects.
  • A glass of lemonade helping you to beat the heat inside it helps you perspire less. If you don’t wish to drink them opt for a topical application by simply rubbing a fresh lime ( fresh one preferred over a already cut) and gently rub on the areas prone to sweat to make you sweat less and stay in comfort.
  • If your one of those who bath in a hurry on account of over sleep or over work investing a little bit of your time can be helpful to drive away your sweaty issues. After your bath pat yourself dry and massage yourself with apple cider vinegar to stay away from the stink of your sweat.
  • If you’re a victim of nervous sweating, then apart from becoming more confident another useful tip is to avoid coffee just before that important event. If you think a sip of this beverage can raise your spirits let me tell you coffee is a lesser known double edged sword . Both the sugar and caffeine content make your sip sinful making you sweat more. They  stir up anxiety and increase your heart beat to make you feel nervous.
  • Apart from giving you momentary pleasure, know the fact that your cigarette does NO good to you or the people around you ( who innocently continue to be passive victims of your smoke).

You might be under the misconception that smoking calms your nerves but the fact is that this comfort rises your body temperature by way of enlarging blood capillaries. While doing so your body puts in more effort and so obviously sweats. So the next time you take that puff know what’s happening inside you and cut down on the pack if you can’t avoid it completely.


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