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Is Excessive Sweating during Exercise a Good Sign?

Sweating during exercise is a sign of a healthy body. When you sweat during exercise you’re body is doing an efficient cooling. Sweating during exercise indicates burning of your calories too. Your cardiovascular muscles work at a faster rate and the blood circulation occurs more rapidly. The pores on the skin surface open up and release all the toxins from the body.

Is excessive sweating during exercise good for you?

Sweating during exercise is a way to keep your body cool. A person or an athlete who is adapted to the exercise regime tends to sweat more profusely than inactive person. This is because sweating pushes the blood to the surface of the skin more rapidly to release heat from the body.

Therefore, sweating is normal in a healthy person and the more you sweat the more your body cools off. The harder and longer you exercise, the more your body is efficient at cooling itself.

What causes excessive sweating during exercise?

There are many causes for excessive sweating while exercising. These may include the following-

  • You sweat excessively when your body temperature rises. High temperature stimulates the Eccrine glands to release the fluid (sweat) on to the skin surface in order to cool the body. If sweat does not evaporate, it sometimes remains on the surface of the body. Therefore, excessive sweating indicates a physically fit body. It is a sign of your body’s adaptation to consistent exercise.
  • Excessive sweating during exercise can be due to primary idiopathic hyperhidrosis or focal hyperhidrosis. It affects specific parts of the body such as face, palms, armpits and feet. This is a disorder seen among many men and women of all ages.
  • Excessive sweating while exercising can also be caused because of certain medications and drugs. People suffering from some medical illness usually sweat excessively. The medicines such as anti-depressants, aspirins and psychiatric drugs can also make a person sweat excessively during exercise.
  • Exercising in hot and humid temperatures can also make you to sweat profusely. If a person is not accustomed to exercise in such environments then you can give way to a fatal condition known as heat exhaustion.
  • Medical conditions such as tuberculosis, thyroid disorders, Parkinson’s disease and some other underlying illness can also cause excessive sweating while exercising.

What are the possible dangers of excessive sweating while exercising?

Though excessive sweating while exercising is good for your body metabolism, it can sometimes be dangerous in people with some illness or medical conditions.

  • People who are not adapted to the intensity of the physical exercise and accustomed to the hot environment can give way to heat exhaustion. The overheated body can cause a brain collapse called as heat stroke.
  • A medical condition such as hypoglycemia can cause excessive sweating. People with this disorder should not overexert oneself during exercise.

Always make sure that your body is not dehydrated. Dehydration or loss of fluid can cause shrinkage of the cells in the body.

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