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Is Sweating Good For You?

Sweating is normal and is good for the body. There are many advantages of healthy sweating. Sweating help your body to get rid of excess heat in the form of moistures. It helps to cool the body and maintains the normal body temperature. Without sweating people will die because of heat strokes.

Sweating is healthy if it is normal. However, unhealthy sweating because of some illness or body condition is considered unhealthy. For instance, excessive sweating of the body due to some unknown or known problem is termed as hyperhidrosis. This type of sweating is not normal and requires medical attention.

What is sweat made up of?

Sweat mainly consists of water along with some salts such as chloride, potassium and sodium. That’s why sweat is salty in taste. Sweat may also contain urea, ammonia, minerals and lactic acid.

Sweat glands:

  • Eccrine glands: Eccrine glands are present in all the parts of the body and it produces maximum sweat. Produces odorless sweat on the skin surface (through coiled ducts).
  • Apocrine glands: Apocrine glands are present in the breast, ears, skin and eyelids. They produce odor sweats mostly around the armpits, groin and nipples.

For Skin- is sweating good for you?

Sweating when exercising is healthy for your skin. Daily exercises clean up the pores of your skin and can help to reduce infections such as acne, blackheads and boils. Skin helps to detoxify toxins from the body. The cool sweat that is released by the skin helps to regulate body temperature to keep it normal. The toxins are flushed out from the body through minute openings on the skin (pores).

The main benefit of sweating is it helps you to have a healthy and smoother skin. The pores that are opened up during sweating, removes impurities and dirt that clogs the pores. Sweating helps the skin to eliminate these impurities which would otherwise cause pimples and acnes.

Is sweating good for you and your body functions?

Yes. Sweating during exercises improves your blood circulation, your heart beats faster and this accelerates different functions of the body. Due to increased circulation, the toxins are released through the pores. The immune cells (white blood cells) also increases while sweating and this will help you to build stronger immune system.

Sweating for weight loss and stress:

Sweating is the best natural way to reduce weight. During exercise, your body sweats to burn down fats and release toxins. Therefore, sweating can give you a smoother skin and a shaped body.

Sweating can also relieve stress and help you relax. During sweating the muscles warmed up and help to overcome muscle tension, thus releasing stress and fatigue.

Sweating helps to remove used water from the cells. This helps the cells to replenish with new water. Sweating prevent us from getting sun stroke during hot climates by keeping our body temperature in normal. The excess heat is released in the form of sweats and this cool off the body.

Sweating also helps our skin to look younger and protects the skin from bacterial and fungal infections such as candidasis and staphylococcal infections (boils). Sweat produces Dermcidin, an anti-biotic that kills the harmful bacteria.

Therefore, sweating is a natural stress relieving and works as natural anti-depressants too. It helps to lose weight and have toned body as well as help you to have a younger looking smoother skin.

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