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Would Men Date a Woman with an Excessive Sweating Problem?

What is excessive sweating?

Excessive sweating mainly occurs in specific parts of the body-hands, underarm and feet. Usually excessive sweating is experienced in the night. Women suffer from excessive sweating during their menopause stage. Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating. Excessive sweating can develop into severe problem so; consulting to the doctor for the treatment will be the beneficial option.

Two types of hyperhidrosis:

  • Primary hyperhidrosis: In primary hyperhidrosis does not occur due to any medical condition or medications. The excessive sweating in this type of hyperhidrosis tends to occur profuse sweating in the specific parts of the body-hands, feet and underarm.
  • Secondary hyperhidrosis: Medical condition and medication is the main cause for excessive sweating in the secondary hyperhidrosis. This type of hyperhidrosis usually occurs in the entire body. Secondary is also known as generalized hyperhidrosis.

Would men date a woman with excessive sweating?

Sweating is a normal thing which happens to everyone. However, there are some problems related to sweating and which makes us feel embarrassing in front of the people. These are- stain in the clothes and body odor. Well these are two main problems which are faced by both men and women. However, there is one more reason which most of the people ask themselves especially the adults and i.e; would men date women with excessive sweating? Basically, answer to this question depends on the perception of different people. When we see through the percentage scale then we can say that, men don’t like to date women with excessive sweating.  Women who are suffering from excessive sweating have body odor problem and their clothes are stained with sweats very badly. This makes not only women awkward but it also makes men less interested to those women who sweat a lot.

Causes for excessive sweating in women:

  • Emotional conditions: Emotional condition such as- anxiety disorder cause excessive sweating in women.
  • Hormonal changes: During the menopause stage in women, there is an occurrence of excessive sweating in women. Pregnancy is also another cause for excessive sweating.
  • Medications: Medications like- antidepressants (depression) and insulin (diabetes) can also cause excessive sweating in women.
  • Obesity: Women suffering from obesity experience from excessive sweating. Under this condition, women have extra fats which make them difficult to perform even light activity.

Here, are some Remedies which will help those women who are suffering from excessive sweating:

  • Sage tea: Sage tea is one of the effective home remedy to prevent excessive sweating in women. The following is the recipe for sage tea-
    • 1 tablespoon of sage tea leaves.
    • 1 ½ half teaspoon of chamomile petals.
    • 1 cup of water.
    • Boil it for 10 minute and then drink it (when it’s cool enough to drink).
  • Eating food with zinc: Consuming food which contains zinc will help your body to function normally. It controls the nervous system which works with sweat glands to produce sweat. Zinc controls this system and prevents excessive sweating in women.

There are other remedies for excessive sweating – Botox injection, Iontophoresis and surgery which will give a relief from excessive sweating. This way, staying cautious about the excessive sweating can increase the percentage for men dating a woman with no excessive sweating.

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