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Are There Any Remedies that Can Be Used to Prevent Excessive Sweating During Physical Exercise?

Are there any remedies that can be used to prevent excessive sweating during physical exercise?

Sweating during exercise is normal. The more we sweat, the more our body functions faster and releases toxins. Sweating is a natural way of cooling our body off. Sweating occurs as a result of increased body temperature. In response to this elevated temperature, the sweat glands shunt the blood to produce more sweat in the surface of the skin.

However, there are some people who sweat excessively than the others. Excessive sweating in such people can be due to some medical problems or the cause may be unknown. This medical condition is called as hyperhidrosis.

Excessive sweating can be disgusting and irritating and make you self-conscious especially while you are exercising outside or in the gym. People who experience this awkward feeling often have question in their mind- are there any remedies that can be used to prevent excessive sweating during physical exercise? Well the answer is yes. There is certain home and natural remedies that can be followed to prevent sweating excessively during exercise.

What causes you to sweat excessively during physical exercise?

Heavy and longer exercises can make you to sweat more. The intensity of the exercise also determines the amount of sweat. Extreme environments such as hot climate can cause you to sweat profusely. Any medical conditions such as hyperhidrosis can also cause you to sweat excessively while exercising. A person with some disease like tuberculosis or hyperthyroidism usually sweats excessively during exercise.

Natural remedies to prevent excessive sweating during exercise:


Always wear loose fitting natural fiber clothes during exercise. Stay away from synthetic fiber clothes such as rubbery materials. These clothes will prevent evaporation of the sweat and allow sweat to stick on the skin surface. If sweat remains on the skin, then it will prevent your body from cooling down. The best exercise attire you can wear is light weighted, loose cotton clothes. They are perfect during exercise as they quickly absorb moisture from the body and keep you cool. It also allows quick evaporation of sweats from the skin which is healthy for your skin.


Excessive sweating during exercise can flush out nutrients (sodium, chloride, potassium, minerals, ammonia, urea and lactic acid) along with the water from the body. This can cause dehydration of water and electrolytes in the body. Therefore, it is important that you constantly rehydrate your body with fluids. Drink lots of water before, during and after the exercise to compensate the water lost during the physical exercise.


Some people over-exert their body by pushing too hard on their exercise intensity and working out over time. This is not beneficial and in fact can harm your body. Over- exertion can heat up your body too much and you can succumb to heat stroke. Also working out excessively can tear your tissues and muscles. It causes loss of energy too. Some people over- exercised thinking to lose weight rapidly. But this will not help. A regular and consistent exercise will only help you to shed your weight. So, always follow a step by step guide to get a good result.

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