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How Can I Stop Sweating?

How can I stop sweating? If you’re looking for a resource to answer this question you are likely to be disappointed to know that you cannot stop sweating till your last breathe. It simply means DEATH = NO SWEAT.

It’s a fact that our bodies sweat all the time though sometimes in almost negligible quantities like in winters or in chill places like on snow hill. If our bodies continue to sweat all the time it is obvious that sweating involves a significant function which may be summarized as follows:

  • They help to regulate the normal body temperature within
  • They help to eliminate the toxins in the body in the form of a fluid
  • It vents out the heat built inside to cool itself

The bottom line is that sweating is a natural biological process and is an indicator of the fact that your body is doing right (of course excessive sweating implies the possibility of some illness or it may be a result of a heredity issue)

How can I stop sweating may be rephrased as how can I stop sweating excessively?

If you’re looking for some simple tips here’s some for you:

Let’s begin with how to treat the most common sweaty issue the armpit sweating. Most of us at some point or the other have experienced this while for some of us it may be a daily trivia. Whatever it is your monster sweat can be embarrassing if it triggers of stink apart from making you feel uncomfortable.

  • Use an antiperspirant such as Drysol, Driclor etc. Some are available as over-the-counter drugs while some need a medical prescription owing to their strong nature.
  • Wear loose clothes especially if your obese. No offences to your body size but a word of advice since obese people tend to sweat more.
  • Avoid wearing artificial fabrics like that of rayon, nylon, polyester etc. Since these fabrics are closely woven they don’t allow easy circulation of air inside and make you sweat more
  • Also avoid reusing clothes without washing and more specifically if you have perspired on them previously.
  • Shave your underarms regularly as the sweat can make the hair warm enough to breed bacteria. If your making any topical applications on the underarms then trim your underarm hair short. Don’t apply it on shaved skin as it can cause irritation.
  • Wash yourself daily and if your fortunately not addicted to hot baths stand under a cold shower for while and rub yourself thoroughly with an anti bacterial soap. If needed bath 2 or 3 times a day to ward off the sweat.
  • Drink lots of cold water. This can help you control your sweat quite contrary to the belief that drinking more water makes you sweat more. See the logic is simple. Sweating is a natural mechanism by which the body releases the heat inside to cool itself. If you drink sufficient cold water, it will take care of the heat inside and your body does not have to do the effort of sweating.

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