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How to Reduce Sweating

If you’re tired of your soppy self then this article can do good to you.  Continue to read as we help you discover how to reduce sweating through diet.

Control you input to control your sweat output:

It has been proved that the food we intake has a huge impact on our body’s well being, and of course on the severity of sweat production too.

When you take off your clothes to see blotched yellow sweat stains on your white shirt or sometimes tiny white salt crystals on blouses it can send you into hysterics. Sweating is the way our body vents out the heat built inside and thereby cool itself. So in order to stabilize the body temperature make sure you learn to say NO to spicy foods, processed foods, fast foods, etc which are explained in detail below.  So by controlling the input you can considerably control your sweat output. Besides, replenish yourself with lots of water throughout the day in contravention to the common belief that drinking more water makes you perspire more. Our bodies sweat in an attempt to cool themselves, and if we do it by feeding it with more water internally its job is taken care of and the sweat issue will bother you less. And in case  your work involves working out in the sun for long hours then cold showers will help you keep cool.

Foods you must stay away from include:

No to cream milk, saturated dairy products, saturated oils, deep fried snacks, dark chocolates, and other foods high in calories and complex carbohydrates. The reason being that upon ingesting complex carbohydrates the body needs to dispel more energy by way of working harder to break them down into tiny particles for the nutrients to be assimilated by the blood stream. So the more your body works towards achieving this goal the more you sweat. Simple!

So watch out for what you eat and drink the next time you sit at your dinner table.

Foods you must binge on include:

Yes to cereals, whole grain products, skimmed milk, fibrous fruits and veggies. Firstly these foods bestow you with a galore of nutrients. Secondly the fruits and veggies which are fibrous take a longer time to digest and help you feel full for a longer time. So you tend to cut down on short break munching. They make you look smarter, healthier and fight against your sweat monster.

In addition to the foods mentioned above you could include zinc supplements or zinc rich foods as zinc is known to reduce the activity of the sweat glands thereby reducing sweat production. Foods rich in zinc are as follows:

Sea foods: Crabs, lobsters, oysters, etc

Meat products:  Lamb, salmon, chicken and turkey breast, etc

Cereals: Most of the whole grain cereals

Nuts: Almonds, peanuts, cashew nuts etc.

Seeds: Roasted pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.

Alternatively you could rely on silicon rich foods which are also known to aid in regulation of sweat production. Almonds, strawberries, grapes are rich in silicon.


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