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How to Stop Excessive Sweating

Is your sweat the reason why your siblings don’t share their clothes with you or is the sweat making your hugs and cuddles less desirable? Now what if I tell you that excessive sweating can soon be a thing of the past! Yippee !!!!

Here’s a sneak peek into how to stop excessive sweating:

  • Cold shower: If you have been irritated with severe sweating, remember to chill yourself with a cold shower. Bathing in hot showers though cleanses your body it does not leave that cooling effect you experience under a cold shower.
  • NO caffeine: All you coffee lovers it’s time you say bye to your companion as the caffeine in your cup triggers anxiety which further results in profuse sweating.
  • NO to deodorant or soaps: It might sound like crap but yes it is a less known fact that a deodorant or soap which your body may be allergic to can turn out to be a double edged sword. They cause a buildup of bacteria leading to bad body odor.  So if you’re sweating too much change your deo and soap to check if they are an accomplice to your sweat.
  • NO to highly processed foods: It has been rightly said that  you are what you eat. Tangy spicy foods no doubt appeal your taste buds but on the other side make your body perspire more often. So is the case of processed foods like the ready to eat, frozen, instant foods, the preservatives used stimulate excess sweating. So next time while you are at your eating table watch out for what you eat.
  • NO to the 3 sins: Alcohol, drugs and cigarettes sinfully disturb the body’s natural cycle by slowing down blood circulation and the hazardous chemicals present in them make it tougher to control excessive body sweat.
  • NO to artificial synthetic fabrics: If you’re sweating heavily may be you should consider sprucing up your wardrobe with clothes of natural fiber like cottons and wool. They make your skin more breathable and make you perspire less.
  • YES to vitamins: In case you have a vitamin B deficiency this what you need to know. Vitamin B is vital for optimum absorption of essential nutrients and elimination of toxic and morbid matter present in the body. In the absence of sufficient vitamin B you will tend to sweat severely. So help yourself with whole grain products, lots of fresh fruits, veggies and protein rich foods.
  • YES to sage tea: The sage tea might soon become the new age tea. They not only help the body to function efficiently but are also known to control sweat production.
  • Shed those excess pounds look smarter and sweat lesser is the abracadabra to deal with excessive sweating problem if you’re obese.
  • If you can’t stop using a deodorant then make a smart choice when you buy one. Look for ones which contain aluminum chloride as the primary ingredient as it is effective in blocking sweat pores thereby reducing perspiration.
  • Take off the unwanted hair beneath your armpits and in the groin areas as sweat tends to accumulate around hair making it a breeding ground for bacterial infections. And soon you will begin to emit an unpleasant smell.
  • Simply gulp in a lot of water to control the sweat glands.

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