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How to Stop Facial Sweating

What is facial hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is a disease which is also termed as excessive sweating. Hyperhidrosis are of three types and among the three, facial hyperhidrosis is one of the hyperhidrosis which mainly affects the scalp, face and neck. When facial hyperhidrosis occurs on the scalp, then the hair becomes oily and dirty. Mostly who are suffering from obesity as well as women can have this problem. If the facial sweating becomes severe then it’s better to opt for some professional help.

Causes for facial sweating:

  • Heredity: The facial sweating can be heredity. For eg, if one family member is suffering from facial sweating then it is possible that another person from the same family can also suffer from facial sweating.
  • Irregular brain and nerve activity: The sympathetic nervous system, pass a signal to the brain as to allow the sweat glands to produce sweat according to the environmental situation. However, there is some nerve related disorder which allows the nerves system to send mixed signals to hypothalamus (which sends signals to different parts of the body).This also causes facial sweating.
  • Exercise and excessive heat: People who perform heavy weight exercises like-lifting heavy weights and running, overheat the body which cause facial sweating. Working in a hot temperature increases the body temperature which leads to facial sweating.
  •  Obesity: People who are suffering from obesity have extra fats and their body contains minerals in surplus quantity. So, the sweat glands have to excrete these extra minerals in the form of sweat. Under this condition, facial sweating is occurred.
  •  Mental state: Mental state of a person also contributes in facial sweating. The feeling of anxiety and nervousness leads to facial sweating.
  • Medical conditions: There are medical conditions such as-hyperthyroidism, diabetes and uncommon adrenal gland can cause facial sweating.

Remedies to stop facial sweating:

  • Witch hazel: Witch hazel is taken out from the bark of the plant, leaves and stem. It contains natural properties which helps the facial skin to dry up and controls facial sweating. It is also mild to your skin. Witch hazel is available in the pharmacy or in grocery stores.
  • Aloe Vera Juice: Aloe Vera juice is in a watered form which is mostly applied in summer. It gives a cool effect to the skin and this way it stops facial sweating.
  • Maxim facial wipes: Maxim wipes are especially used for wiping facial sweating. They will keep your skin perfectly dry.
  • Sage: Sage is also known as salvia officinalis and mainly it can be found in the Mediterranean. Sage   can be taken in the form of tea (sage tea) as to prevent facial sweating. Just boil the sage tea leaves with water for 10 minutes and then drink it. Sage tea is also available in the medical stores.

Rehmannia:  Rehmannia is a Chinese herb and it is also known as Rehmannia glutinosa.It reduces the heat of the body and also stops facial sweating.

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