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How to Stop Sweating So Much?

Tired of those sweat stains on your white shirts? Those smelly armpits that make you shy while you jump to say HURRAY? Those soppy feet which ruin your classy footwear?  How to stop sweating so much is the question doing frequent rounds on your mind day in and day out. Here’s what you need to know about sweating.

What you eat is what you sweat! Doesn’t make sense, read this to know more.

Your diet has a huge impact on the waste matter that is eliminated by the body. Sweating being one such mechanism to throw out the toxicants and other wasteful matter. So what you eat will determine how much you sweat out.

Say NO to these foods:

Processed foods like the ready to eat, frozen foods, instant foods, etc have high artificial fructose corn content and comparatively cause more harm to the human body  than those of natural fructose. Owing to the low cost of artificial fructose corn, it is being widely used in most processed foods. These chemical products either have to broken down in the body or they have to be thrown out. Since the human body cannot break these chemicals easily they are released in form of toxicants at the surface of the skin through the process of sweating. Besides, excessive sweating people who consume fast foods are generally obese as a result of the accumulation of unburnt calories which are not broken down to form glucose. Hence cutting down on fast foods can help you sweat less and look smart.

Say YES to these foods:

how to stop sweatingYour fruit bowl should be your favorite in your meal if you want to stop sweating so much naturally. Ensure you have a big serving of fruits with every meal. Fruits are known to have the ability to dispel toxins and harmful chemicals from the digestive system as they contain natural fructose and are fibrous in nature.

Eating whole fruits is recommended over juices as it takes longer time to get digested and hence keeps you feel full, tempting you lesser to eat often. So binge on fruits to stay slimmer, healthier and sweat lesser.

Say Yes to Big B Vitamins:

Vitamins are vital for the body to correctly discharge wasteful matter by helping the body to break them down and absorb nutrients efficiently. When you consume foods high in artificial fructose and other chemicals used as preservatives in fast foods and processed foods the body is under stress to dispel more energy to break down and dispel them. Under stress the most obvious thing is to sweat more.

Vitamin B is largely found in whole grains (cereals), fruits (bananas, oranges, and kiwis), vegetables (peas, sweet potatoes, carrots) and proteins present in fish, meat products and nuts.

De stress to sweat less:

Like the stress in the body caused by chemicals your emotional stress can make you sweat more. So consider ways to keep you away from stress like those of practicing yoga, long walks, herbal teas, etc. and most importantly positive thoughts in the mind can trigger off positive energy that will keep you good.


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