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How to Stop Sweating Through a Bra?

Excessive sweating can cause staining of clothes and cause embarrassment as well as discomfort. More than that sweating underarms and feet produces foul odor which is annoying and troublesome. Women can suffer from excessive sweating through a bra and this can stain bras. There are some remedies on how to stop sweating through a bra and prevent sweat leaking through your clothes.

Excessive breast sweating not only stains and change original bra color but frequent sweating can result in sweat accumulation around and under the breast region. These can cause odor plus lead to fungal infections. Most of the time skin rashes occur under the breast which can be itchy, burning and bumpy, causing skin irritation.

Some remedies on how to stop sweating through a bra-

Dusting powder under the breast- Applying talcum powder or baby powder beneath the breast can reduce sweating. Dust baby powder between and under the breast before wearing a bra. This could reduce sweating for several hours. Cornstarch powder is also good for dusting under your breast. It helps in absorbing excess moisture from the skin and reduces sweating.

Deodorant- Most women have benefitted from using deodorant under the breast for sweating. Apply deodorant on the skin around and beneath the breast before wearing your clothes. Deodorant can prevent odor and keep you fresh.

Cut down sweets and salt- One of the natural ways on how to stop sweating through a bra is to cut down sweets consumption. Avoid eating too much salt in foods. Better avoid processed food items that usually contain excess salt concentration than required.

Aluminum talc and lotion- Applying aluminum talc and lotion for breast quickly absorb sweat and reduce sweating through a bra. You can get aluminum lotion or talc over the counter from any pharmacy or drug store.

Correct size bra- Wearing incorrect bra size can cause many sweating related problems and discomforts. Look for proper bra measurements and wear a bra of your size. Also do not wear bras with tight fitting bands. Select the bras with loose bands to prevent accumulation of sweat under the breast. Also bras that are made of thick fabrics should be avoided. Choose cotton bras and stay away from polyester, silk, spandex or lace bras.

Using bra liner- Bra liners can be used to prevent you from soaking in sweat and to stop the sweat from running down the stomach. Bra liners are thin, comfortable, biodegradable and 100% breathable. They absorb more moistures than any other deodorants or powders. Women can get bra liners that fit their size and stuck the liners under the breast.

Loose clothing- Wear loose clothes while outside as well as at home. Wearing loose clothes allow your skin to breathe better and prevent sweat build up on the skin surface. Choose clothes made of natural fibers instead of synthetic ones.

Wear less bra at home and during sleeping- Girls should wear bras less often at home and sleep on without bras at night. This is another tip on how to stop sweating through a bra and prevent staining.

Wear undershirts- Undershirts made of 100% cotton fabrics can be worn by women before wearing clothes. Undershirts absorb moisture and sweat from the body and prevent the sweat from dropping down the stomach and soaking through the clothes.

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