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Simple remedies for how to stop sweating explained!

YES to water:

To begin with, firstly do away with the toxic waste present in the body. If you’re looking out for complex theories to help yourself, just relax and drink lots of water throughout the day. The normal requirement is about 8 glasses of water but in case of profuse sweating it can go up to 10-12 glasses a day depending on the severity of sweating. The water you replenish will help to flush out the waste and still better if you can drink cold water as it will help in regulating the body temperature to keep you cool.

NO to meat products:

For all you meat lovers, this can be a harsh but a worthy tip. You may have to forgo your love for meat products for a fortnight to see if it can help you stop sweating excessively. If you’re wondering why, understand the fact that meat products besides being nutritious are carriers of toxins and your body has to dispel more energy to digest the good and filter out the bad. It works so hard that it sweats. So while you say NO to meat, in the meanwhile binge on fruits, veggies, protein rich diets etc. And yes, most importantly avoid eating spicy foods as they tend to pile up heat within the body making you sweat more.

YES to green tea:

Every health magazine is flooded with praises for the good old green tea. If you thought they were just clichéd your wrong, apart from the myriad health benefits they offer they help to sooth the body, drive out the toxic wastes and make you sweat less.

NO to hot showers:

Sounds rude! It’s so hard to say no to bathing in searing waters in the mornings especially if your living in cold regions but yes its worth giving up that extra comfort if you want to drive away your smelly sweat. Or maybe you can replace cold water with slightly warm water if you find the rule too hard.

YES to smart antiperspirants:

Applying an antiperspirant doesn’t help to do the trick but you need to choose a smart one like the ones with aluminum chloride as an active ingredient. Unlike body deodorants they don’t mask the bad body odor instead they tentatively block the sweat pores  and thereby stop sweating in the applied region.

NO to body clinging tees:

If you like yourself in those skimpy tees or outfits your depriving your skin of free breath. So spruce up your wardrobe with moderately loose natural fabrics and sweat less while you stay fresh.

YES to cooling agents:

It’s needless to say that the evolution of mankind has constantly been involved in innovating things to keep himself cool to perspire less. Make use of those inventions like those of fans, air conditioners, freezers that chill your drinks and refreshing ice cubes, talcum powders which give a cooling effect, etc. If you can’t find any just fan yourself with a book to lick away the sweat.


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