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Did You Notice Your Infant Sweating While Breastfeeding? Here’s What You Should Know:

If you notice your infant sweating while breastfeeding, it may be ringing bells in your mind especially if you’re a first time mother without any prior baby care experience.

Your infant sweating while breastfeeding though is kind of normal it could be a symptom of a serious ailment as well. So a visit to the pediatrician for a thorough check can do you good to keep you less worried.

Babies normally sweat when breastfeed as the skin of the child gets a little warm by being held against the warm skin of the nursing mother. In other words, it is the skin to skin factor which increases his body temperature and subsequently it stimulates the baby’s natural cooling mechanism by way of sweating. Now having said that infant sweating while breastfeeding is normal, you should however know when it is a matter of concern which needs immediate medical attention.

But remember not to overdress your bundle of joy especially during the feeding time and keep the home at a temperature which is not too heat. Very warm surroundings too can cause sweating during breast feed and increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). So it is very important for your baby to not get overheated at any point of time. Here are a few tips to prevent your baby from getting over heated:

  • If required feed your baby in a cool area probably near a fan.
  • Maintain the home temperature at a degree that adults feel comfortable when wearing light clothes.
  • You may wish to see your baby grow in pretty frocks or colorful shirts but remember never to over cloth him. Just dress him with just one more layer of clothes than what you’re wearing under moderate temperatures.
  • Dress your baby in cotton or wool fabrics and never in polyester fabric. If

In case the reason for your infant sweating excessively while breast fed is a medical condition, breastfeeding mothers may also notice a few other symptoms like having troubles while being fed, insignificant weight gain, fast breathing etc. Now these symptoms may very well be pointing towards a congestive heart failure. As such babies with this heart condition have lower oxygen levels and as such get easily exhausted while being breastfed, their respiration rate increases abnormally, they may cough frequently, there might be a blue tint in the skin and overall the baby may show a poor gain in weight.

So your baby sweating profusely while being nursed may be a symptom of a heart ailment, as such you should not delay visiting a pediatrician.

Another medical condition responsible for an infant sweating while breast feeding is something related to the functioning of the thyroid glands of the baby. In case of over activity of the thyroid gland or hyperthyroidism as it is otherwise known as, you can expect your baby to sweat profusely during the feed.

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