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Natural Remedies to Manage Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are experienced by many women in their menopause time. It is caused due to changes in the hormone levels- estrogen. Hormonal changes can be due to medications or illness too. Whatever may be the cause, it creates lots of emotional problems to women.

What is hot flash?

Hot flashes are simply a feeling of intense warmth sensation in the body. It is also called as night sweats. Hot flashes usually happen in women during menopausal period. Women who experience hot flashes describe it as a sudden hot sensation that passes through the body. It can last for few minutes or sometimes can last for longer duration.

Things that triggers hot flashes-

  • Caffeine- Drinks such as coffee contains nicotine, a stimulant. Stimulant increases the blood pressure causing dilation of the blood vessels. Flushing is the natural response of the body to stimulants. Therefore, caffeine containing products which stimulates flushing should be ban.
  • Nicotine- Another stimulant is nicotine which is present in tobacco. So, smoking or chewing of tobacco products must be avoided.
  • Alcohol- Alcohol causes dilation of the blood vessels and increases blood pressure. It can trigger a hot flash.
  • Foods- Even hot, spicy foods can trigger hot flashes in many women. Stay away from spicy items. Sweats intake should be cut down to a minimum.
  • Medications- Certain medicines such as blood pressure lowering drug, anti-depressants etc can elicit hot flashes.

Natural remedies and herbal medicines can help hot flashes. Some of the natural remedies for hot flashes are discussed below-

  • EXERCISES- Exercise regularly for about 30 to 45 minutes like cycling, walking or swimming. This can help to relief hot flashes in women. Exercises can reduce the intensity and frequency of hot flashes. You can practice yoga, breathing exercises and meditations. This will help you to relax your body and mind.
  • CLOTHES- Wear loose fitting or cotton clothes. This will allow your sweat to evaporate and give a cooling effect to your body. Wearing such clothes will keep your body cool and comfortable. You can also dress in a layer. So, you can easily remove your clothes when you are heat up and wear them back on, when you become cold later.
  • DIET- An improved diet can also be one of the natural remedies for hot flashes. Including soy beans in your diet can help to decrease hot flashes. Soy contains compounds- isoflavones. These are plant phytoestrogens. They can act as estrogen in the body and thus provide relief from hot flashes. Dietary Soy supplements are known to reduce hot flashes than soy food products like soy floor.
  • HERBAL PLANTS- There is many herbal plants which are effective in relieving hot flashes. Black cohosh is herbal plant which effective than the soy beans (isoflavones). Sarsaparilla and ginseng help in relieving hot flashes. Another herbal plant is Dong Quai, which is effective in reducing hot flashes. Wild yam is helpful in the synthetic production of hormones.

PHYSICAL THERAPY- Other than herbal medications, one can turn to physical therapies such as acupuncture and meditations. As we know, hot flashes are triggered by emotions like stress, anxiety, tension etc, these physical therapies can be helpful. Acupuncture involves balancing of the energy and spirit and this can help to reduce hot flashes. Meditations through yoga can help to reduce any physical and mental stress. These can greatly decrease a number of hot flashes.

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