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What are Hot Flashes after Menopause?

Women suffer from hot flashes post menopause. During the post menopause stage they suffer from deficiency in their hormones. Hot flashes after menopause can be noticed during or after menopause. The post menopause symptom is same as those of hot flashes during menopause –i.e. excessive sweating at night and burning sensation in the body.

Causes for Hot Flashes after Menopause:

  • Uneven levels of Estrogen: During the stage of menopause the levels of estrogen (hormone) becomes uneven (decreasing the production of estrogen).This causes hot flashes in women and if the body does not come back to the stable level than this leads to hot flashes after menopause.
  • Diseases and Conditions: Diseases like-cancer, spinal cord injury and cell disease can cause hot flashes. The medications which are used to treat these diseases can cause hot flashes after menopause. Medications such as Xanax (anti-anxiety) and Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (medication for depression) can also cause hot flashes.
  • Hot Environment: A warm environment –hot outdoor or indoor temperature, tight fitting clothes can cause hot flashes and create further problems to those women who are in their menopause stage.
  • Diet: Researchers have medically proved that hot flashes after menopause are also caused by consuming certain food which includes-spicy food, foods made from artificial ingredients (harmful chemicals) and alcohol.

Treatment for Hot Flashes after Menopause:

  • Hormone therapy: Hormone therapy is a test which is usually performed by a professional when you are suffering from hot flashes after menopause.
  • Cool environment: Try to stay in a cool environment as far as possible for instance your room must be cool enough to prevent you from hot flashes. You can even try to wear loose fitted sweat resistant clothes and while sleeping use light weighted blanket to cover yourself. This treatment will help you in controlling hot flashes after menopause.
  • Limit your Diet: Try to avoid hot and spicy diet like pickles and curries which causes hot flashes after menopause. Avoid alcohol, junk foods with preservatives. By making a limitation in your food you can control hot flashes after menopause.
  • Black Cohosh: Black cohosh is one of the common options which are used to prevent hot flashes after menopause.
  • Soy: Some medical researchers have also claimed that soy can reduce hot flashes. Taking food which contains soy is beneficial to prevent hot flashes after menopause such as- soy powder, tempeh, miso, soy milk and whole soy beans etc.
  • Natural progesterone: Natural progesterone like compound capsules, counter cream and promethium can give relief from hot flashes after menopause.
  • Gabapentine: Gabapentine is usually used to cure migraine. However, it has been medically proved that this drug also reduces hot flashes in women.
  • Effexor: Effexor controls hot flashes in women who are going through breast cancer treatment.
  • Relaxation: Women who are suffering from post menopause hot flashes can follow relaxation techniques. Relaxation techniques include audio tapes, stretching and yoga which will give them relief from hot flashes.

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