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What Causes Hot Flashes in Women?

What is a hot flash?

Hot flash is also known as hot flush. Under this condition, when the body temperature rises the heat can be usually seen as a flushed red face. Hot flashes can also happen in the night. This night sweat is known as sleep hyperhidrosis.

What are hot flashes in women?

Hot flashes are one of the common symptoms which are basically experienced by women in their menopause stage. The duration of hot flashes can vary in individuals. Some women may tend to experience hot flashes for a short duration while a few others may have hot flashes for longer durations. Basically, hot flashes can be less rigorous as time elapses.

Causes of Hot flashes in Women:

  • Blood Vessels: A blood vessel which is located underneath the skin expands causing hot flashes in women. When this happens the blood starts to flow rapidly making the face look red and the temperature of the body increases rapidly.
  • Fluctuation in Hormones: During menopause, the stability of hormones (estrogen) decreases which causes hot flashes in women.
  • Surgical menopause: Women who have already removed their ovaries (hysterectomy) suffer more serious and continuous hot flashes. Especially, after they pass the natural menopause transition.
  • Idiopathic hyperhidrosis:  In idiopathic hyperhidrosis, the body constantly produces hot flashes in women without any medical condition.
  • Infections: Infections such as tuberculosis, abscesses, endocarditic (bacterial infection), and AIDS cause hot flashes which is one of the symptom of these infections.
  • Hypoglycemia: Low blood sugar is also termed as hypoglycemia. Women who are suffering from diabetes and who are on insulin as their medication can experience hot flashes.
  • Neurological conditions: Neurological conditions –post traumatic syringomyelia, autonomic neuropathy and autonomic dysreflexia can cause hot flashes in women.
  • Medications: Medications like niacin, nitroglycerine, anti depressant, aspirin and acetaminophen (fever medication) can cause hot flashes.
  • Hormone disorder: Hormone disorders such as, hyperthyroidism, characinoid syndrome and pheochromocytoma cause hot flashes in women.
  • Lymphoma: Lymphoma is a type of cancer in which the patient experiences hot flashes.

Treatment for Hot flashes in Women:

  • Black cohosh: Black cohosh is a herbal remedy which is used for preventing hot flashes in women. It is generally made from the roots of a plant of the buttercup family.
  • Avoid caffeine: Food and drinks which contains caffeine (like in coffee and dark chocolates) can also cause hot flashes so it’s better to cut down on caffeine intake.
  • Stop smoking: Cigarettes contain nicotine and cause hot flashes in women who smoke. So, if you’re a habitual smoker experience hot flashes simply quit smoking.  Cool environment: Try to keep the temperature of your room as cool as possible. Start weary loose fitted clothes and have a cool shower before going for a nap. This way you can control hot flashes.
  • Professional treatments: The most common treatment for preventing hot flashes in women is the hormone replacement therapy (HRT).This treatment is usually performed for prevention of strong hot flashes.

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