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Are Night Sweats Before a Period Normal?

Some women may experience night sweats and hot flashes before their period and may ask are night sweats before a period normal. Well, night sweats before starting of a period can happen in women of any age. Along with night sweats other symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, weakness and fever may develop 1 to 2 weeks before the period begins. This is considered normal and usually goes away as soon as the period starts.

What causes night sweats before a period?

Most of the women experience night sweats and hot flashes before their monthly period. This is due to drop in the levels of progesterone hormone. Estrogen and progesterone are the two main sex hormones in female. During the women’s reproductive years, the levels of these hormones can rise and fall throughout different period of the monthly menstrual cycle.

Night sweats are often associated with menopause however; hot flashes can develop even in young women who are in their reproductive years. Women who are not even menopausal can develop night sweats if their estrogen levels rise and drop and fluctuates from time to time.

Few days after ovulation, progesterone level decreases relatively. Lower progesterone levels can disrupt the balance between progesterone and estrogen levels, leading to hormone level fluctuations. These fluctuating hormonal levels are responsible for night sweats and hot flashes before the start of the period and are night sweats before a period normal.

Night sweats few weeks following the ovulation period is characterized by excessive sweating while sleeping at night, leading to soaked and drenched clothes and bed sheets. Other symptoms such as mood swings and nausea may also be associated with hot flashes. Changes in the brain neurotransmitters, chemicals responsible for transmitting signal to the body are responsible for unstable hormone levels. This change in the neurotransmitters can mistakenly send out the signal to the body to get rid of the body heat. In response to the signal, the body further instructs the blood vessels to expand and to pump the heart more rapidly, causing the sweat glands to open and suddenly release the sweats intensely.

Are night sweats before a period normal?

Yes. Night sweats before a period is normal. In fact night sweats may be a sign of pre-menopausal period or that you are nearing menopause. Some young women as early as mid-20’s also experiences night sweats and hot flashes but, all this are symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome or PMS and there is nothing to worry. However, night sweats may be awful and unpleasant as drenching in sweats may wake you up at night.

Hot flashes or sudden intense feeling of hotness throughout the body may happen few days before and sometimes during the period. But usually, these symptoms disappear with the onset of the period and start up again the next month before commencement of the next monthly period.

Moreover, the body temperature increases to about 1 to 2 degree Celsius before the period and at times during the period. This can make you feel like burning hot and at times you may feel freezing cool. These are part of women’s monthly life. So, are night sweats before a period normal?

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