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Cold Sweats at Night

What are cold sweats?

Cold sweat occurs when we experience sweating in the cold atmosphere. Cold sweats are medically termed as Diaphoresis. People, who are suffering from cold sweats at night, their bed sheets gets damp with perspiration so they feel discomfort while sleeping. The cold sweats mainly affect the localized part of the body-the hands, the feet and armpits. Feeling of anxiety and having a terrible nightmare can cause cold sweats at night. Day time stress can also cause cold sweats at night. Though, cold sweat happens to many people and its normal but if you are experiencing severe cold sweats then you should consult a doctor.

Symptoms of cold sweats at night which can develop into medical condition:

  • Pale skin
  • Weakness
  • Nausea
  • Chills
  • Pain in the chest
  • Hallucination
  • Breathing problem

Causes of cold sweats at night:

  • Menopause: Menopause can cause cold sweats in women. During the menopause stage, the hormonal (estrogen) level decreases causing cold sweats at night. However, not all women experience cold sweats at night. So, menopause is considered as a normal symptom for cold sweats.
  • Infection: A person who is suffering from red, swelling ,weeping pus and a fever after a surgery then he or she will experience cold sweats at night. Cold sweats can also occur if a person is infected by tuberculosis. Other infections which causes cold sweats are-osteomyelitis (swelling in bones) cancer (lymphoma) and AIDS (HIV virus).
  • Type1 Diabetes:  When people are suffering from Type 1 diabetes their blood sugar decreases (low blood sugar) causing cold sweats. This kind of diabetes is usually found in person from the childhood age.
  • High temperature environment:  High temperature environment at night is one of the common causes for cold sweats. Using excessive clothes and blankets can also cause cold sweats at night.
  •  Stress and anxiety: People who are going through stress and anxiety can experience cold sweats. Stress and anxiety generates hormones in high level which increases perspiration.
  • Migraines and spicy food: Migraines causes cold sweats. Consuming spicy food (pickles and curries) can also cause cold sweats at night.
  • Medical conditions: Medical causes such as- characinoid syndrome, pheochromocytoma and hyperthyroidism can cause cold sweats. Neurological condition like-autonomic dysreflexia and stroke (heart stroke) causes cold sweats.

Remedies for cold sweats:

  • Stress management: If you are suffering from cold sweats due to stress then you can practice stress management exercise (meditation and bath with warm water) before going to bed. It will prevent cold sweats at night.
  • Pain: When pain becomes a reason for the cold sweats (headache), try doing management tactics (therapy and massage) which will control the cold sweats.
  •  Medical intervention: People are suffering from infectious diseases (tuberculosis and AIDS) that also experience cold sweats. So, they should go for medical intervention to treat their symptoms. This way it will prevent cold sweats.

Hormone replacement therapy: Men and women who are going through their Andropause (men) and menopause (women) stages experience cold sweats. Therefore, they can go under hormone therapy to prevent their cold sweats.

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