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Do not fret if you are sweating at night after giving birth – Here’s why it happens!

Pregnancy sees phenomenal changes in a woman’s body. This is most probably because of the hormonal fluctuations as well as due to the changes in the blood flow.  Out of the many changes and after effects of pregnancy, one of the uneasy feelings that many woman complain about after pregnancy is the uncontrollable sweating at night after giving birth.

The medical term used to describe this condition is postpartum sweating. Though the exact reason for the excessive sweating remains unknown, the probable contributors which lead to sweating at night after giving birth in woman are as follows:

  • Emotional stress of being a new mother – the emotional stress that a new mother beholds could also be termed as the reason for sweating at night after giving birth.
  • Drop in the levels of estrogen – this could be termed as another reason for the postpartum sweating. Hot flashes also occur in a pregnant woman because of the drop in the estrogen levels.
  • Body doing away with water – all the extra water that is retained during the pregnancy period is probably getting eliminated from the body – (this is probably why excessive urination and excessive sweating causes)

For out rightly stopping the sweating at night after giving birth is not a practical idea. It is quite natural for each pregnant woman to sweat at night profusely.  Many pregnant women may even not have any such problem.  This situation is highly case sensitive. Though at times this situation could become highly embarrassing but do not fret this condition would soon go off automatically.

The following are the ways that you can deal with sweating at night after giving birth:

  • Stay cool and dry – To combat the situation of sweating at night after giving birth, you may have to take steps that would help you feel cool and dry.
  • Wear cotton clothes – To be cool and dry you may wear cotton outfits.
  • Use talcum powder – Put loads of talcum powder under your arm pits, and the other areas that are susceptible for excessive sweating.
  • Have towels – Lay towels on your pillow and your chairs.  These would soak the excessive sweat and save you from embarrassment.
  • Proper ventilation/air-condition – Good ventilation could also combat excessive sweating making you feel cool and dry. Turn on the air conditioner to keep your body cool.

Drink fluids – To do away with sweating at night after giving birth, you need to drink load of water and other fluids.  Some women tend to curb their intake of water in the pretext that they would sweat less if they drink fewer fluids. This is a wrong notion. Drink as much is your capacity of in taking fluids in your body.  By doing this you would eventually do away with your habit of sweating at night after giving birth. A minimum of 8 – 10 glasses everyday is essential.

Adding Soy to your diet – Adding soy in your diet would alleviate the condition of sweating at night after giving birth.  The soy is supposed to have compounds in them which are similar to the compounds that are found in estrogen.

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