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Night Sweats in Men Over 50


At night time, when there is over heated atmosphere in the bed room or if there is excessive layering of clothes in your bed then you tend to sweat. Night sweat is also known as hot flash or menopause flush (as in case of women) which happens in the night. During this event there is a warm flushed feeling and drenching perspiration. It can cause insomnia and decreases the quality of life


As mentioned above night sweat refers to excessive sweating which is caused by hot temperature. This makes the bedding and the nightclothes wet. Night sweating is normal which happens to most of the people however, there are some medical reasons behind it and may need medical treatment as well. Especially to the men who are aged above 50 years.


There are certain medications and changes in hormones which make men sweat at night. These are:

  • Andropause: Men who are above 50 experience hormonal changes which cause hot flashes (night sweating). Women have menopause at this age and men have Andropause which means the testosterone levels starts declining to a great degree.
  • Alcoholism: When alcohol is taken in an excessive level than the person starts sweating. Especially, those men who drink constantly starts to sweat severely.
  • Idiopathic Hyperhidrosis: Men who are suffering from this situation tend to have excessive sweating at night. The cause still remains unknown however; some researchers have stated that this situation occurs when there are wrong signals passed to the body.
  • Diet: Those who have poor digestive health can also have night sweats. Men who are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and consuming red meats, garlic or onion can suffer from excessive sweating at night.
  • Blood Sugar: Blood sugar is mainly among men who are over 50. Men who are diabetic and those on medications to control the sugar have a side effect – night sweating. Night sweating might also occur when you are suffering from hypoglycemia.
  • Neurological Problems: Men with neurological problems such as post traumatic stress disorder, autonomic neuropathy, epilepsy and cerebral palsy suffers from night sweating.


  • Home Remedy: One of the home remedies to prevent night sweating is the sage tea. You can take it in the form of a tea or a capsule. If you’re taking with tea then you can mix with green cold tea.
  • Astragals: Astragals smoothens the blood flow in your skin. As it improves the blood circulation it disperses the body heat without excessive sweating.
  • OSHA: OSHA restrains the virus and bacteria which initiates the night sweating in men. It also eliminates toxins from the body through perspiration.
  • Turning down the thermostat: Try to sleep in a cool temperature room which will help you to prevent sweating.
  • Use light sheets: Avoid using heavy blankets while sleeping at night. Wear light breathable clothes when you’re sleeping.

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