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Night Sweats in Women Under 40

What is night sweats?

During night sweats, a person perspiration of sweating is very high. Mostly it depends upon the room temperature or clothes that you wear while sleeping and medical condition. However, if a person starts to sweat at night without this condition then it may lead to a severe sweating problem causing excessive sweating (hot flashes or hyperhidrosis).This type of excessive sweating should be treated by professionals. Night sweats can occur in the age of childhood or adolescence. Night is also known as Sleep hyperhidrosis.

What are night sweats in women under 40?

Night sweats might be a normal or small issue however; at times it can develop into a symptom for underlying problem. Women tend to ignore night sweats as they think that it’s only a phase of their menopause stage. Women who are under 40 experience night sweats when they go through- pre menopause, pregnancy and menopause.

Causes for night sweats in women under 40:

  • Candida: Candida is one of the common side effects which cause night sweats in women under 40. Women who are facing this kind of side effect will also suffer from larger difference in the body.
  • Hormonal changes: Women who are going through their premenopause and menopause stage experience night sweats. During this stages, the hormone (estrogen) stability level decreases causing rise in body temperature. This kind of hormonal changes cause night sweats in women under 40.Beside the reduction of estrogen levels; there are other changes also like-hair loss, vaginal dryness and loss of sexual drive.
  • Pregnancy: Pregnancy can also cause night sweats in women under 40. During pregnancy, there is occurrence of many hormonal changes which causes night sweat in women. Some women also experience night sweats after pregnancy.
  • Infections: Infections such as tonsillitis, tuberculosis and AIDS (HIV) virus can cause night sweats in women under 40. Endocarditis (which affects heart valves), appendicitis and osteomyelitis (infection in the bones) also causes night sweats.
  • Medications: Medication can also cause night sweats in women after 40. Anti-depressants (medication for depression) and supplements –Vitamin B3 can cause night sweats. A woman under 40 who takes steroids (cortisone and prednisone) also causes night sweats.
  • Medical conditions: Women who are suffering from cancer (lymphoma), low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), diabetes and thyroid disorders can cause night sweats in women under 40.
  • Acidic foods: Women who take acidic foods like pickles and spicy foods suffer from night sweats. Taking of alcohol and caffeine (coffee) also causes night sweats in women under 40.

Treatments for night sweat in women under 40:

  • Hormonal replacement therapy (HRT): HRT is one of the helpful treatments to prevent night sweats in women under 40. Besides night sweating treatment it also prevents many other problems-vaginal symptoms and cystitis. Hormonal replacement therapy treatment is available in the form a tablet, gel and skin patch (implant).
  • Clonidine: Clonidine is a medication for high blood pressure but it also prevents night sweats in women under 40.
  • Antifungal medication: An antifungal medication is used to cure candid (which causes imbalance in the body causing night  sweat)

Avoid citrus fruits: Avoid citrus fruits (oranges), tomatoes and spicy food to prevent night sweats in women under 40.

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