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Understanding night sweats in men:

Night sweats in men happens on account of 2 reasons:

  • The male body undergoes a natural body temperature cycle, with the body temperature reaching maximum in the night and dips to usual temperature just before waking up in the morning. Thus this variation in the natural body temperature may be responsible for night sweating.
  • Decrease in testosterone levels on account of aging is called andropause. It is associated with hormonal imbalances in men. This is responsible for the hypothalamus which is the thermostat region of the brain, receiving mixed signals and responds irrationally, resulting in hot flashes. Upon the in-built of temperature arising on account of hot flashes in the night the body has to find a way to vent out the heat and cool itself and hence sweats profusely. This is referred to as night sweats in men.

Medical Conditions causing night sweats in men:


Men who inject insulin externally and those who are on oral anti-diabetic pills experience night sweats when their blood sugar levels rapidly drops below the normal rate.


Night sweats is one of the early signs of cancer, lymphoma being the most common among them. The body temperatures seem to fluctuate severely in cancer patients causing them to sweat profusely.


Bacterial and viral infections ranging from mild to more severe ones as in case of tuberculosis ( infection of the lungs), HIV ( infection caused by human immunodeficiency virus)  , endocarditis ( infection caused in the lining of the heart) , osteomyelitis ( infection caused in the bone), etc can  cause night sweats.


In the absence of tumor or other noticeable symptoms of an infection if a person is on medication to treat some ailment, night sweats may be a possible side effect caused by the medicines. Among medicines antidepressants and antipyretics top the list.

Neurological disorders, hormonal imbalances, irritable bowel syndrome, etc could other factors responsible for night sweats in men.

When should night sweats in men trigger concern?

It is a matter of concern in case you develop fever simultaneously with night sweats over a period of time. Or if you find your lymph nodes swollen or  find some rashes on  it and notice a severely low appetite it calls for medical attention for you may wake up every morning to find yourself in a pool of sweat.

Remedies for night sweats in men:

  • Distress yourself before you sleep by doing mediation, yoga, walking or doing anything that you like.
  • Spruce up your bed using light weight blankets instead of heavy quilts. This can help you simply strip off some when you have hot flashes during mid nights.
  • Sleep under the fan or air conditioner with the remote control near you so you can have access to it anytime when want to increase the temperature.
  • Wear light loose clothes when you go to bed, may be those of cottons to keep you cool throughout the night.

Despite the above tips if you still find yourself experiencing severe night sweats check with your doctor for suitable diagnosis and treatment.



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