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What is Night Sweats? Know about its Causes and Treatment to Tackle the Problem!

What is night sweats?

Night sweats is define as the excessive sweating at night (during sleep). Night sweats are related to hot flashes. It can affect both men and women. Normal sweat or light sweating at night is not considered as night sweats. Night sweat is something more than that.

Night sweats can deprive sleep at night. Most of the night sweats also called as hot flashes is seen in women nearing menopause. But there are several reasons and causes for night sweat too. These may include stress, tension, anxiety, medications and some serious medical disorders.

What causes night sweats in men and women?

Night sweats can be the initial symptom of menopause in women or it can be a manifestation of some other body disorders and ailments. Malignancy, tumors, infections, inflammations and diseases can also cause night sweats in a person. Night sweats occurring due to some infection usually follows after a drop in the body temperature (fever). These infections might be chronic infections which may have been there from before.

Lack of estrogen and progesterone- Night sweats in women can be cause by a decreased level of estrogen in the blood. Whereas night sweats in men can be due to drop in the level of male hormone progesterone.

When the level of estrogen falls from its normal level, it is misunderstood as overheating of the body by the hypothalamus. This misinterpretation can cause increase in blood flow, pressures and heart palpitations, resulting in flushing and sweating.

Fungal infections-Various infections like fungal infections, for instance, Histoplasmosis, can also be connected with chronic hot flashes or night sweats.

Abscess- Another cause of night sweats can be abscess formation. Any infection can result in the accumulation of abscess or pus in the spleen or liver. Such accumulated abscess can cause fever and night sweats.

Non-infectious diseases- A non infectious diseases such as tumors, malignancy, lymphoma (swelling of lymph nodes in the neck) and several other cancers can also cause profuse sweating at night.

Other causes of night sweats include hyperhidrosis, hypothyroidism, hypoglycemia, tuberculosis, menstruations and disorders of the hormone levels.

How to control night sweats?

Night sweats can be manage and control by the following-

  • Controlling night sweats naturally- This can be achieved by regular exercises like brisk walking and running for at least 30 minutes. You can practice yoga.
  • Relieving stress- Get rid of your stress and tensions by practicing breathing exercises and meditations. Yoga can be the perfect mind relaxing exercise for anyone. Yoga helps to relief stress, anxiety and tensions. Practice yoga daily and keep your body and mind healthy and relaxed. Yoga meditation helps you to keep your mind calm and peaceful.
  • Keep yourself cool- Always keep your body cool by wearing light, cotton clothes. It will help in keeping your body cool and relax.
  • Juicing- Give your body good nutritional diet. You can go for dietary supplements like soy beans. They are rich in nutrients.
  • Hydrotherapy- It is one of the remedies to manage night sweats. Take a bath every morning with cooler water to keep your body temperature balanced. Avoid using hot or warm water for bathing.

Other than exercises and meditations, you can go for physical therapy like acupuncture. Herbal medicines like black cohosh, wild yam and ginseng are also effective in controlling night sweats.

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