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Best Deodorant For Sweating

What is a deodorant?

Deodorants are used to eliminate body odor which is generally caused by sweating. It contains antibacterial ingredients and chemicals such as-chlorine, glycols, and hydrogen peroxide which kill the bacteria (causing bad odor).Usually deodorants are applied on the surface of the body.

There are two types of deodorant for sweating:

  • Good or best deodorant.
  • Bad or worse deodorant.
  • Best Deodorants: For a deodorant to be called best deodorant it should have a very less content of engineered chemicals. The ingredients of the deodorant should preferably consist of plant products, herbs (organic source) and essential oils. Those who are applying the slow effective method to kill the bad odor can now switch over to best deodorant (especially the non-toxic ones) which will help to eliminate the odor. This type of deodorant will protect your body as well. Deodorants come in the forms of roll- ons and sprays.
    • Roll-on:  In roll-on there is a ball in the top which keeps the fluid inside the deodorant can. The liquid from the bottle is transferred to the localized parts of the body (usually armpits) with the help of the ball which is attached to the deodorant can.
    • Spray: Spray is not strongly effective however, people working out in gyms prefer using spray to kill body odor.
  • Bad Deodorants: Bad deodorants which contain aluminum in high quantity will start blocking the pores which leads to harmful medical problems –growth of cancerous tumors in the body. Medical experts have also stated that using deodorants regularly can cause breast cancer in women. So, check the ingredients of the deodorant before using it.

Types of Best Deodorant for Sweating:

  • Baking Soda (Powder) Deodorant: Baking soda deodorant is alkaline -based .When this kind of deodorant is applied, it forms a chemical reaction which evaporates sweat from the sweating areas. The usage of baking soda deodorant is one of the best deodorants for sweating.
  • Liquid Deodorant: You can even make liquid deodorant at home .The procedure is as follows-
    • Mix ¼ cup of hazel extract, gel made of Aloe Vera and mineral water.
    • Then add 1 tea spoon of glycerin and only few drops of essential oil (for e.g., lavender)
    • Then put that solution in a bottle and remember to shake the bottle before using it.
  • Other Homemade Deodorant: The cleansers and toners which give you facial irritation can be the best deodorant for sweating. They can work as a removal for underarm sweating and sometimes it can also recover your underarm skin.
  • Be Cautious about Deodorants: When getting a deodorant always make sure to read the content. People should apply the deodorant according to their skin type, or else using wrong deodorant can affect their skin badly causing itchiness, burning sensation and redness in the skin. It is also essential to check out whether the deodorant that you are applying contains alcohol or minerals.

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