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Natural Remedies for Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

Excessive sweating during the night is called night sweats. Mostly, hot flashes are caused due to hormonal changes of menopause and perimenopause.When we are sleeping in a bedroom where the room temperature is unbearably hot then we tend to have excessive sweats. But when the bedroom environment is not hot and you have excessive sweats than that symptom is known as hot flashes. Usually, hot flash is experienced by women at the age of 50 which is named as menopause. So, let us check out the causes for night sweats or hot flashes:

  • Menopause: While nearing menopause women have hot flashes at night causing excessive sweats.
  • Bacterial Infections: Bacterial infections such as, endocarditic and osteomyelitis result in excessive sweating. People who are infected with Tuberculosis and AIDS also suffer from night sweats.
  • Lymphoma: Night sweat is an early symptom of cancer. And lymphoma being the most common among them.
  • Idiopathic hyperhidrosis: Idiopathic hyperhidrosis is symptoms where you don’t have any sickness but you tend to have hot flashes at night.
  • Medications:  There is a high chance of night sweat when we are on medications. Antidepressants and Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) causes night sweat. Sometimes, when we have mild fever and we take medicines like Aspirin and acetaminophen that also causes sweating.

There are other causes also for hot flashes and night sweats and these are: hormone disorder (characinoid syndrome, hyperthyroidism) and neurologic problems like post-traumatic stroke, autonomic neuropathy.


  • Eliminate Caffeine: Caffeine causes high blood pressure and heart related problems which lead to hot flashes during menopause. So, try to eliminate beverages which have high amounts of caffeine like coffee, cold drinks and start taking non-caffeine drinks. This natural remedy will give you relief and you can even manage night sweats. You can drink ice water which will control your temptation towards caffeine beverages.
  • Control sweets and spicy food: On consuming spicy food your body temperature rises automatically resulting in hot flashes. Eating food containing high levels of sugar increases your metabolism causing excessive sweating.
  • Cool temperature: While you go to bed make sure your room is cool. Keep the windows open so that you can feel the fresh air. Try to wear light clothes and keep a cold pack on your head or neck if you are prone to night sweats as it can reduce night sweating effectively.
  •   Go for Herbal Options: Another natural remedy is you can go for herbal options such as, chaste berry, black cohosh, motherwort and licorice root.

Apart from these remedies, you could cut down on alcohol, for ordinary hot flashes.  In case of women nearing menopause daily consumption of vitamin e rich foods could be beneficial to control hot flashes. Alternatively you could opt for OTC (over the counter) topical natural progesterone cream. If you don’t wish to follow any of the natural remedies mentioned above you can visit a doctor who may prescribe medications like: Gabapentine and Celandine.


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