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A Cure to Smelly Feet that Actually Works

Many people will feel ashamed when their feet smell in public. In fact, smelly feet cure has become much complicated than professional meetings in the life of most people. The good news is that there are some solutions available for this case.

Reason behind Smelling

Of course, bacteria are the reason why your feet smell. They make your feet stinky by feeding on sweat accumulated over your foot. When the sweat glands in your feet start producing sweat, the bacteria colony gets attracted. The organic acids are the waste ingredients present in sweat, which will be disposed by the bacteria. These organic acids are the root for the problem of pungent odor that your feet are suffering. Smelly feet are considered as normal by many people today. While some people are least bothered about it, some seriously worry. However, it has been the opinion of most doctors, that smelly feet have an easy cure.

Some Simple Techniques for Smelly Feet Cure are as follows:

-          Most of the doctors feel that this problem must be treated in a scientific way. They advise people to make the most of antibacterial soaps for washing their feet. It is also important to leave the feet to dry completely after washing.

-          Drinking plenty of water is one of the best and easy techniques to fight any kind of body odor including smelling feet.

-          Synthetic socks is not an option for those people with strong smelling feet. It is always good to use socks made up of some absorbent materials like cotton.

-          It is good to seriously consider foot powder and antiperspirant sprays, which are exclusively made for smelly feet cure.

-          It is good to give a break to your shoes as well. The pair of shoes that you wore yesterday should not be worn today.

-          When you are indoors, you should avoiding wearing slippers or sandals.

-          Green tea is one of the best products you can get to wash your feet and stop bad odor.

-          You should consider taking bath using baking soda added with a little amount of vinegar. If you sooth your feet with them, it reduces the odor for a great extent.

-          Use powder or cornstarch for dusting your feet twice a day for easy smelly feet cure.

-          Juices of radish and turnip must be used to rub your feet, as they pose natural deodorant qualities. You can also fight the odor of other body parts using these juices.

-          It is also said that taking bath using some ginger for quite a while will help an individual to produce maximum sweat and thereby, he or she can get rid of maximum amount of odor causing toxins in the body.

-          The method of paraffin treatment is also quite commonly preferred. Here, the feet of the people will be waxed with the help of melted and cooled wax.

There are also some anti-bacterial acne soaps available in the market, which the health experts often recommend to get rid for smelly feet cure.

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