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Botox as a Treatment for Hyperhidrosis on Feet

What is Sweaty Feet?

Sweaty feet are medically termed as plantar hyperhidrosis. In this condition, a person suffers from excessive sweaty feet. Profuse sweaty feet can be embarrassing sometimes, as it can cause bad feet odor. This condition can even develop into a severe problem such as fungal infection in the foot and fungus in the toenails. Plantar hyperhidrosis usually occurs due to the over activity of the sympathetic nervous system. Our body temperature should be balanced all the time. When there is an imbalance in the body temperature due to heat condition in the environment then it can lead to plantar hyperhidrosis.

Causes for Sweaty Feet:

  • Hereditary: One of the causes for the sweaty feet can be hereditary. Some of the medical researchers have stated that, the main reason for the sweaty is unknown however; this condition can grow from family itself.
  • Stress: Another cause can be stress, anxiety and emotional conditions. When a person is such condition then their stimulation of sweat is more. Sweat feet can be a response of a person’s emotions.
  • Bacteria: As everyone knows that bacteria love to survive in dirty places. If a person has a poor hygiene regarding their feet then it can definitely lead to sweaty feet with bad odor. So, try to keep your feet clean as much as possible.
  • Toxicity in the body: Consuming food which contains fats in high level can produce toxicity in the body. Drinking alcohol and lack of physical activity can also stimulate toxic in the body. All these factors lead to sweaty feet.
  • Primary and secondary hyperhidrosis: Theses are two types of hyperhidrosis which can cause excessive sweating in the feet. Primary hyperhidrosis is an occurrence of excessive sweating with no specific reason and mainly it can be found in the localized parts of the body such as hands, feet and underarms. Secondary hyperhidrosis is an occurrence of profuse sweating in the feet due to some medical conditions or medications such as infectious disease- tuberculosis, cancer, AIDS and hyperthyroidism (over activity of thyroid glands) and insulin (diabetes) and anti-depressants (depression) etc.

Botox as a Treatment for Hyperhidrosis on Feet:

Many treatments are available for preventing sweaty feet such as: Iontophoresis (electronic device is used), surgery and Botox. Remember these treatments should be recommended and performed by the certified medical professionals.

The full form for botox is Botulinum toxin and it is an effective treatment for hyperhidrosis on feet. Botox is one of the most known non-surgical procedures. It is manufactured from bacterium known as clostridium Botulinum. Basically the botox paralyzes certain muscles and blocks the nerves of sweat glands which stimulate sweat. This type of treatment last for six to fifteen months. The procedure of botox as a treatment for hyperhidrosis on feet takes 30 to 45 minutes. Under this condition, anesthesia is given to the patient. The doctor will do an iodine starch test as to detect those areas which causes profuse sweats. In this test, the painting iodine is placed all over the foot and then starch powder is applied (corn starch). After few minutes, the areas which are stimulating sweaty feet turn up to be black or dark violet in color. Then botox injection is applied in those areas and 25 to 35 injections are injected in each foot. This way botox is used as a treatment for sweaty feet.

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