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How to Cure Smelly Feet

What are smelly feet?

When bacteria and dampness (moisture) combines with each other inside a pair of shoes, they start to generate an overwhelming stinking smell .Which later on becomes an embarrassment for those who are suffering from these kind of smelly feet problem. People who are suffering from excessive sweating in their feet can damage their footwear-

  • Materials used for the footwear will be badly affected.
  • Stitches will be damaged.
  • Padding will breakdown.

Causes of smelly feet:

  • Physical activity: While performing exercises (especially vigorous workouts) can cause smelly feet. During the exercise, the sweaty hands are exposed and can evaporate. However, sweaty feet are not exposed as it is locked inside the shoes for a long time(till exercise is performed) so in this condition the sweaty feet turns out be smelly feet.
  • Lifestyle factors: The lifestyle that we live in can become a cause for smelly feet. Depending in our mood, hormones and the food, especially spicy food can lead to excessive sweating.This excessive sweating also affects our feet, which later on starts to stink awfully.
  • Emotional conditions: When we are suffering from emotional problems-nervousness, anxiety and stressed out we tend to sweat a lot. This kind of sweating also affects the feet resulting in producing an awful smell.
  • Synthetic fibers: People who wear socks and shoes which are made of synthetic fibers like leather and nylon will suffer from smelly feet.
  • Infrequent bathing: Those who have an infrequent bathing habit will suffer from some problems-dirt accumulation in the feet, fuzz and dry skin. The bacteria will form in the feet causing awful smelly feet.
  • Hyperhidrosis: Hyperhidrosis means excessive sweating. People suffering from hyperhidrosis can have the problem of smelly feet.

Treatment to cure smelly feet:

  • Antibacterial soap: People who are suffering from smelly feet have to wash their feet daily with antibacterial soap. This treatment can cure smelly feet.
  • Soak your feet: Soaking your feet every day can cure your smelly feet. Follow this method-
    • Boil water with 2 tea bags for 10 minutes.
    • Then add 2 quarts of water.
    • After that, soak you feet for 30 minutes.

Black tea contains tannic acid which kills the bacteria and blocks the pores. This way it cures smelly feet.

  • Foot powder: Applying foot powder can cure smelly feet. This powder will keep your feet dry and it also kills the bacteria.
  • Avoid stinky shoes: Don’t wear same shoe daily as it gets wet and moisture with the sweat. Try drying up your shoe in the sun after wearing it. This will keep your shoe dry and smell free.
  • Wear socks: Don’t wear shoe (especially sneakers) without shocks because the sweat of your feet will stay in your shoes. This affects the feet causing smelly feet so, shoe with shock will cure smelly feet.

Lemons: Lemons contains acidic property which will help to kill the bacteria of your feet. Under this lemon treatment –mix lemon with water and soak your feet. This way it will cure smelly feet.

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