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How to get rid of Stinky Feet through Natural and Home remedies!

Sweaty feet cause smelly or stinky feet. It is caused by bacteria that grows in the feet and breaks down the dead skin cells. The most common and embarrassing problem associated with sweaty feet are smelly feet. It can also cause painful peeling of the skin and may result in a condition known as Athletes foot.

Get rid of stinky feet naturally!

Below are some of the natural home remedies on how to get rid of stinky feet safely and effectively.

  • Use baking soda:

Make a solution of baking soda and warm water and used to dip your feet. Baking soda is alkaline in nature and hence, it will help you to keep your feet dry for some time.

  • Used tea soak:

Make tea using a number of tea bags (8 to 10 bags), steeped it for few minutes and then add cold water in a basin. The water should completely immerse the feet. Wash your feet with some mild anti-septic soap and rinse it with cold water. Finally, immersed your feet in a basin filled with tea-water solution for about 20 to 30 minutes. After that, clean the feet and pat dry. The feet should be completely dry. You can then apply baking soda or cornstarch so as to absorb moisture from the feet.

  • Wear dry shoes:

Stinky feet are caused because of the excess moisture or sweating. Always dry your shoes and insoles in the sun to kill odor producing bacteria. The shoes must be completely dry and moisture free before wearing. Moisture is the main cause of stinky feet. Bacteria infused insoles can produce smelly feet therefore, it is necessary to change your insoles once it is infused with bacteria.

  • Change your shoes and socks regularly:

Always make a habit of wearing cotton shocks after washing your feet. Cotton socks tend to absorb moisture more than other linen socks. But don’t forget to clean your socks regularly and wear a new pair each time you wash your feet. Sweaty shoes can harbor bacteria. Therefore, make sure you change your shoes on alternate days. Wear only leather shoes and avoid wearing synthetic leather shoes. It can make your feet stink more.

  • Apply antiperspirant to cure smelly feet:

Strong antiperspirant spray containing aluminium chloride as their ingredient such as Drysol should be used to eliminate smelly feet.  Use it on your feet every day at night before sleeping. Antiperspirants help in keeping your feet cleaner, dryer, fresher and less smelly. For better absorption of the spray you can dab it on a cotton swab and apply to your feet.

  • Use baking soda to powder your shoes:

Baking soda helps to kill odor producing bacteria and also kills smelly shoes. So, powder your shoes and shoes with odor killing powder (baking soda) and remove those smelly odors. It is the cheapest and also effective method to get rid of stinky feet and shoe.

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