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How to Prevent Sweaty Hands

Did you say that glass vase slipped from your sweaty hands or even worse your kids hate holding your hands because of the sweat? Well the sweat monster can be embarrassingly enough to disrupt your social life. So read through this article and become well versed with tips on how to prevent sweaty hands to drive out the wet in your sweat.

  • Wash your hands off if they are sticky and sweaty. And if you experience the sweat monster everyday then make it a habit to carry some neat handkerchiefs wherever you go. You may also use those commercially available alcohol wipes for convenience.
  • Dust some cornstarch powder or talcum powder on your palms to soak up the moisture. Flavored talcum powders besides licking up the sweat they also leave behind a pleasant fragrance. Mint flavored talcs leave a cooling effect on the applied area. So grab one today. But in case the condition worsens upon using them, switch over to another remedy or visit a dermatologist.
  • If you have some alum powder or boric acid powder (commonly used to drive out pests) then sprinkle some in a pair of neat white gloves and wear them for a day or 2. The powder inside will soak up the sweat and keep the skin dry. Remove the gloves on the third day and wash it thoroughly with an anti bacterial soap and feel the difference in your palms.
  • Give up on your coffee addiction and switch over to herbal saga tea. The tannic content in this tea is known to reduce the overall perspiration rate. It may be tasteless so you may add some honey to it and gulp it down your throat. If you still can’t take it in then resort to the soaking technique. Boil some water and add 2 tea bags to it and let it seep in for about 20 min. Then discard the tea bags and check if the heat is bearable, enough to dip your hands for a while and do so for about half an hour. You can use the soaking method similarly for your feet too. But remember to dry them thoroughly before you put on your footwear.
  • If you don’t have saga tea bags add some apple cider vinegar to warm water and soak your hands in it for about half an hour.  Unlike the saga tea method you need to wash your hands thoroughly with an antibacterial soap or gel if you’re using the vinegar solution as a soak up. Consistently doing it for a few days helps to reduce the sweating of palms.
  • In case using home remedies is not giving you successful results then try some over the counter drugs and antiperspirants.
  • In case your sweating is due to psychological anxiety get to the root to solve it as medicines may not turn out to be effective.
  • If it still persists then check with a dermatologist and avail any of the long term treatments of hyperhidrosis.


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